Restaurant Wall 57 or the primacy of matter


This weekend, fleeing the heat wave and the crowds fired by the typical summer festivals, we stopped at Wall 57 Restaurant, a restaurant located near Barcelona, ​​looking for a bit of tranquility and freshness. In Valldoreix, 20 minutes from the city, in the middle of nowhere but very close to the station in that town, this branch of the renowned Coure Restaurant in Barcelona is located.

Although we were a little late for the kitchen, just when most of the diners were finishing their desserts, they welcome us without any problem. As the exterior is extremely muggy, we go from the crowded terrace and settle into the bar, which is undoubtedly the star of this well-cared for interior design, and from which we can entertain ourselves by watching the bustle that cooks and laborers have. in the kitchen open to the premises.

The wide bar, the comfortable high chairs and the jazz make us immediately enter a state of relaxation ideal for intimate chat and a good disposition to start tasting the chosen dishes.

We started with the signature appetizer, the curried chicken croquette: crispy on the outside and unusual creaminess on the inside with chunks of chicken and a touch of very mild, simple but exceptional curry. With the heat on our backs, we settled on two cold starters: a salad of marinated salmon, white asparagus, yogurt and dill, and a gazpacho of cherries, cockles and mint.

The wine list is short but with a good selection of both national and foreign wines. To accompany the first courses, we are struck by two German wines from which we have two glasses: a dry Riesling from Rheinhessen and a red from the Pfalz area.

In the first of the starters, the yogurt and asparagus remove the typical fatty sensation of marinated salmon that is sprinkled with pieces of cherry and pickled onion rings, a very subtle combination of tastes that does not mask the smoothness of the fish at all.

From the second starter, the cherry gazpacho, we are pleasantly surprised by the contrast of flavors between the cherry and the fresh cockles, we also like the velvety texture of the cream with whole pieces of the fruit, really original.

The highest quality raw material with very little culinary intervention, that is, the maximum respect for the freshness of the seasonal ingredients and their flavor, without disguising them, or elaborating them excessively, are the philosophy of this restaurant.

For the second courses we continue with another light starter: a chicken terrine topped by crispy fresh spinach leaves and strips of celery and sour apple, and by a confit cod with onions, pine nuts and crawfish sauce.

The terrine, halfway between the meatloaf and the country pâté, combines well with the sour apple, although it is perhaps the least remarkable dish we order. On the contrary, the melting meat of the cod, covered with a crayfish sauce with a deep sea flavor, excites us.

We allow ourselves the poetic license, and the mistake, of pairing it all with a glass of Australian red from Barossa Valley so highly compiled that we opted to do without dessert and finish with a cut.

The feeling of lightness and satisfaction of the dinner together with the more than cordial treatment that the human team of this restaurant offer us, makes it difficult for us to detach ourselves from that loving bar, where we have enjoyed impeccable food and a quality hardly unmatched.

Wall 57 in Valldoreix (Barcelona)

Rambla Mossèn J. Verdaguer, nº57 08197 Valldoreix-Sant Cugat del Vallès Tel. 935 895 060 Price: 30-35 euros / person

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