Aizian Restaurant, the luxury of fusing traditional Basque Cuisine with the most avant garde creativity


Finding a good restaurant in Bilbao is not very complicated to say. Luckily, we can enjoy good places to have a good meal, it is a simple task. The Aizian Restaurant, where Basque and avant-garde cuisine merge, is an example.

Located in a privileged place in the city, with good views and a very cozy atmosphere, they make it a recommendable experience. The premises are in the building of the Hotel Meliá Bilbao, formerly Sheraton, right between the Doña Casilda Park and the Zubiarte Shopping Center.

A few minutes from the Guggenheim, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Iberdrola Tower, we can reach the restaurant from many parts of the city. The best thing is to use the metro, getting off at the Moyúa or Indautxu stops, since they leave us more or less at the same distance. The rest of the journey can be done perfectly on foot, since it is not a long stretch.

Anyway, if we prefer to get off at the door of the restaurant, in case the weather is not good, it is best to use the tram, which has a stop right in Zubiarte. As soon as you enter the restaurant you are greeted immediately as there are many staff waiting for the customer at all times.

The "head" of the room or meter, the sommelier and the waitresses make the evening really good. At all times they take care of you, that you have everything perfect, and they are friendly and open, something that we like a lot in a place of this type.

They served us drinks and along with the appetizer, marinated salmon with sprouts and wasabi, they offered us varieties of bread for dinner: corn, raisins and nuts or chapata. Freshly made and toasty. Very good, although the ciabatta was not the best and the crumb was very ordinary, like any other bread.

When it comes to food, we do not go out of our usual tastes. It is true that we would love to be a little more daring, but we have very particular tastes and surprises in the gastronomic theme do not excite us. So once again we opted for some grilled prawns from Huelva. Really good and very fresh.

As a main course we decided to have both fish, a roasted turbot, a trace of red onion toffee from Zalla and roasted potato that was really exquisite. Very juicy, very fine and with a very rich accompaniment, both the toffee and the potato were an explosion of flavor.

To finish we decided to try a dessert, although we were full, but we couldn't leave without tasting the famous caramelized bread toast with rice pudding ice cream that we had been told so much about. Apart a traditional chocolate coulant. Both desserts are to take your hat off.

I wanted to try the blue cheese cake with quince ice cream, and although the friendly waitress recommended it to us, I had no courage, so we will have to come back another time to taste it. With the coffees they served us a small tray with more desserts.

If we found out, we would have dispensed with the coulant, but you only have to see the image of the orange chocolate fondant, the sesame tiles, the rocks and the chocolates, to understand that we had to try everything. Fabulous set of little delicacies.

After this wonderful meal at the Aizian Restaurant, we had no choice but to walk home, taking a beautiful walk through the park, with a fabulous temperature, to lower the food we had tasted a bit. Without a doubt it is a restaurant to repeat.

Aizian Restaurant

C / Lehendakari Leizaola, 29 48001 Bilbao (Vizcaya) Phone. 944 280 039 Average price per person à la carte: 65 euros

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