Forum Manzanil Restaurant Bar. 360º Gastronomy in Granada

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to get to know the new Manzanil Forum Granada Restaurant. This restaurant-cafeteria-bar is located very close to the Congress Palace and the Science Park, on the seventh floor of an ultra-modern building.

This place has a quirk. It turns on itself, constantly. This ecological idea applied to other smart buildings, like sunflowers, to take advantage of all the sun's rays, in this case it is designed as a tourist attraction plan, since it does not follow the sun, it rotates 360º, all the time, which visitor a panoramic view of the entire city, from the height.

This Manzanil restaurant is set up as you can see in the photos with great detail, the service is good and the gastronomic offer is very attractive. Its menu is divided into blocks as normal, hot and cold entrees, salads, meats, fish, all based on ingredients with D.O., of excellent quality, as you can see in the photos below.

Examples are Cantabrian anchovies, an ecological caviar from Riofrío, a carpaccio of beef sirloin or a millefeuille of foi Mi-cuit, all presented with exquisite taste, a barbecue of vegetables or some natural artichokes. Of course, it is appreciated that the quality of ingredients prevails in the demands of the menu of this restaurant.

The dining room is obviously circular, in the center the kitchen and a small fixed bar, this does not move, from which you can see the rotation of the dining room tables and everything that surrounds them. The waiters tell me that they have gotten used to it, it has not been easy, and the movement is very noticeable, it is a curious sensation.

As soon as I reached the seventh floor, I perfectly noticed the movement, then, already located on the bar, you can see how fast it actually moves. So at the time of having a beer and a great tapa of, as you can see, marinated salmon, excellent, the dining room has turned 90º, and the table in front of me is now to my right, well beyond. Waiters have merit, it seems very easy to lose the table.

A very original proposal without a doubt. The Manzanil Fórun Granada Restaurant in my opinion very suitable for business lunches, for a special dinner. A quick and yet different coffee, or simply, as was my case today, to have an aperitif. Highly recommended.

Manzanil Forum Granada
C / Jose Luis Pérez Pujadas, s / n
18006 Granada
Tel. 958 121 002

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