Berton Sasibil restaurant, in the heart of the old town of Bilbao

When traveling, you don't always have recommendations for choosing a good restaurant and you have to trust your intuition. Something like this happened to us in Bilbao, a city where you usually eat wonderfully well in any establishment and where we ended up choosing the Berton Sasibil Restaurant, right in the old town.

Actually, we were looking for another place that we did have excellent references on, but upon arrival we found that it was closed and we had to improvise. The northern hours are not what we are used to on the islands, more relaxed, so when we saw that the time was getting on us, we entered this establishment without thinking much more.

Perhaps because I live in such a touristy place, I tend to distrust restaurants that seem focused on "tourists". If someone from Bilbao reads me and knows the place, they may contradict me, but that is the impression they gave me. In the same way that in Ibiza there are restaurants that serve paellas and no one who lives on the island has ever stepped on them.

I explain this to you because I sat at the table with a vague impression that they were going to offer us "authentic" food from the city. To begin with, there were no pintxos and we had to choose à la carte. As the waiter explained, they had just opened and they didn't have all the dishes on the menu. We started well.

Luckily a glass of wine, we chose Dominio de Berzal, it helps to see things in a much better spirit. We were advised by the waiter, who advised us to try the fresh fish they had, and it must be said that we were right. The food was delicious.

To start, we chose a sea ox salad that we shared. It was very successful, with prawns and a well drained lettuce, I am very angry to find watered down lettuce, and accompanied with piquillo pepper. And in seconds, we opted for a grilled wild turbot and a grilled beef steak that was served to us on a hot stone and served with fried potatoes, peppers and salad.

The meat was juicy, although I only tried it because my dish was fish which was delicious. To put a downside, I missed some garnish. We were left without trying the desserts, we could no longer with them. In short, the Berton Sasibil Restaurant, in the heart of the old town of Bilbao, is a place to take into account whether you live in the city or if you are visiting.

Berton Sasibil Restaurant

Calle Jardines, 8
48005 Bilbao
Phone 944-16-70-35
Price per person 40 euros

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