Cinco Villas Restaurant, in the Parador de Sos del Rey Católico

Sos del Rey Católico is a beautiful Spanish municipality in the Cinco Villas region, northwest of the province of Zaragoza. All its historic center is very well preserved and it is very pleasant to walk through it and discover all its corners. The town was declared a Historic Artistic Site and Asset of Cultural Interest in 1968.

This town is famous because it was where Fernando el Católico was born in 1452, hence its name. In addition, in 1985 the film "La vaquilla" by Luis García Berlanga was shot, in which many of the local residents acted as extras. A few weeks ago we stayed at his Parador de Turismo and had dinner at his restaurant.

If I like something about traveling, it is discovering other recipes and flavors different from the ones I'm used to, that's why I always try to order those dishes that I can't find on my island. To begin with, the decoration itself, in the Castilian style, of the restaurant and the entire Parador, so sober, is already completely different.

To eat at this restaurant it is not necessary to be staying at the Parador. It is worth visiting, because the cuisine is exquisite, the dishes are prepared in an elaborate way and with a careful presentation. Something that I especially liked is that the letter specifies that any food intolerance will be addressed.

As always, we decided to share the first ones and choose each one a second, more forceful. To start with, we chose a Caldico from Villa de Sos and some Muel thistles sautéed with Teruel Ham and almonds.

I did not try the broth, although they told me it was delicious, but the thistles were, because I had never eaten them and I really wanted them. It was delicious. I only regret not being able to prepare them at home because in Ibiza they are not typical. Although the next day I bought a pot of canned thistles to get rid of gluttony, I'll tell you when I make them.

The second chosen were: Aragonese migas with their accompaniments, Iberian cheeks with pineapple tempura and carignan sauce, traditional-style chilindrón chicken and roast lamb from Aragon with baked potatoes. It makes my mouth water just remembering it.

Of course, I tried them all. Wouldn't you have done the same? They were all delicious. The exquisite crumbs, accompanied by a fried egg with a sprig; the cheek melted in the mouth of how tender it was and the pineapple garnish seemed very successful to lighten its flavor.

The chicken was very good too, although perhaps of the four seconds it seemed the least spectacular, perhaps because chicken is not my favorite meat. And the lamb, which I also tried, was very tender and exquisite, in fact it is the "star dish" of the restaurant.

To lighten up the banquet that we had just given, and not to lose the habit of having something sweet after lunch, we decided to choose a yogurt ice cream with fruit salad for dessert, although the custard and rice pudding winked at us. eye we could not with them.

In conclusion, the Cinco Villas Restaurant at the Parador de Turismo de Sos del Rey Católico is an establishment to recommend, the cuisine is typical Aragonese and is tastefully executed. In addition, it is a great opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful towns I have visited.

Cinco Villas Restaurant

Tourism Parador of Sos del Rey Católico
Architect Sainz de Vicuña, s / n
50680 - Sos del Rey Católico (Zaragoza)
Phone 34 948888011

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