El Babero restaurant, haute cuisine from the market in Las Tablas


I had been wanting to visit El Babero Restaurant for a long time, and try its haute cuisine, but until a few days ago I had not had the opportunity to get to know this restaurant located in the north of Madrid, in the Las Tablas neighborhood.

My friend José N., a regular customer of the place, had told me about the place and convinced me to go eat together, taking advantage of his friendship with the owner of the place, Cuchy Pérez, who with the help of her kitchen and dining room team, runs this interesting restaurant To which I will return shortly with my wife, since I left very happy.

The space and decoration

The dining room opens onto a large window that illuminates the room with natural light. The tables, with a total capacity of up to sixty diners, are arranged with taste and good space for each diner. The feeling is spacious.

The place was decorated by Rocío Muñoz who has known how to distribute the space taking advantage of the light and giving a fun color to the chairs. A bar at the back separates the kitchen from the living room, efficiently.

The letter

El Babero has a fun menu, divided into three chapters: We start, with the starters, We continue, with the main dishes and We finish with the desserts, and also a section called the Cuchy spoon with the spoon plate that they have prepared every day.

In addition, it is customary that there are a few dishes off the menu that, with good work, recommends the head of the room, very attentive and very knowledgeable about his work and the menu. Cuchy, the owner is also in the premises and goes out to greet customers, chat with them and even, if she knows them, sits at the table and shares a conversation, if they leave her her obligations in the kitchen or in the living room.

It is common to find celebrities eating there, as my friend José tells me and curiously, as soon as we sit down, it coincides that a well-known chef from Madrid arrives, whom I greet because we have known each other for a long time.

We are already with the appetizers when a famous ex-basketball player arrives at the place, who sits at the bar while waiting for the arrival of his group, made up of well-known sports journalists and other friends. And according to what they tell me, this is very common since many soccer players and other athletes frequent this restaurant.


We started the feast with some croquettes that served as an appetizer while the rest of the order arrived. We continued with a tartare, also with the aperitif beer and finally, a small casserole with the famous lentils, which were accompanied by a slice of blood sausage. Good to warm us with the cold of this month of January and delicious, justifying the fame that precedes them.

Next, one of the star dishes, the free-range egg omelette with truffle and topped with caviar. Really spectacular. They asked me how I wanted it, and I said that very little curd, - "let the egg come out" -, and as you can see, they listened to me. A plate that was ten.

To continue, we move on to the second course. We tried two types of meat, on the one hand an impressive old cow tataki accompanied by a delicious mousse of mushrooms, -this was not on the menu but they recommended it to us- and on the other, a high quality Galician beef tenderloin of spectacular quality, which was also accompanied by some fried potatoes at the right point.

The portions of both the starters and the meats were very generous and would have served three people perfectly. Anyway, luckily that day we were two good carnivores sitting at the table so we could end it all, calmly.

We were already full so we decided to share a single dessert. Specifically we ask for a homemade cheese cakeCold curd that was good, although not as good as the meat or tortilla that were in another division.

For another day, it is pending to return to the restaurant El Babero, to taste the fish, both the mom's hake dice or the squid from the yaya listed in the letter and tell me they are worth it. So I have a good excuse to return, as I said, this time accompanied by my wife.

El Babero restaurant

Paseo de San Millán de la Cogolla, 14, 28050 Madrid Tel Reservations 917 50 68 52 Average price 50 euros per person

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