The Bund Restaurant. The Chinese restaurant chosen by the Chinese

Located in a Madrid chalet in the Arturo Soria area, El Bund restaurant is a Chinese restaurant that is characterized by the quality of its cuisine and its traditional Chinese preparations. For this reason, most of the clientele at this restaurant are Chinese citizens.

The staff of the nearby Chinese embassy, ​​Chinese businessmen and of course also Madrid are the regular customers of this temple of Cantonese cuisine, that of Shanghai and Sichuan, and which is also famous for its fresh pasta dishes prepared at the moment and for their dim sums.

If the only thing you know about Chinese cuisine are three delights rice dishes, spring rolls and sweet and sour pork, you will be surprised by the offer they have prepared on the occasion of the Christmas festivities, where you can learn about authentic Chinese cuisine, since in the restaurant offer varied Christmas tasting menus for a price starting from 40 euros.

The premises and the spaces

It is obvious that western and eastern decorating styles differ. Although the restaurant The Bund is tastefully decorated and the furniture and other elements are well thought out, following the laws of the feng shui, the result is somewhat baroque, despite its intimate aesthetic.

On the upper floor, there are a series of lounges and small private rooms that can be rented for group dinners, friends, important meetings and other celebrations, which is one of the distinctive elements of this restaurant.

The terrace is also very attractive, which is a spacious and ideal space for dinners and meals in spring and summer and which has an aesthetic similar to the decoration of classic Chinese gardens such as those in Suzhou.

The letter and the Christmas menu

The menu at The Bund has been renewed and has a full range of Chinese domestic cuisine dishes. The dishes come in Spanish and Chinese, and although there are no descriptions of the content of the dishes, the waiters know perfectly how to give the necessary explanations.

The Christmas menu that we tried included a few assorted starters, very abundant, followed by delicious main dishes and some light desserts, which I will show you and comment on as you go.

We started with the starters, which consisted of sweet and sour prawns, some egg rolls with seaweed, the tofu with a hundred-year-old egg, some fried bamboo caps and the Sichuanese aubergine with spicy touches and served with sesame. With each product we had soy sauce and rice vinegar to season to taste.

After the starters, come the long-awaited dimsums, Cantonese fried rice and Peking cake. The dimsums they brought us are the shaomai typical of Shanghai, with its filling of vegetables and other variants of dimsum with seaweed and prawns, presented in the classic bamboo baskets.

Among the most successful dishes, those prepared with duck. They have an exceptional hand to obtain a very juicy meat full of flavor, with a spectacular crunchy exterior. The two dishes that we were served with this ingredient were the best of the dinner.

Along with the Cantonese rice, the Cantonese chicken also comes in a large casserole. This chicken is very rich but it is presented in slices that are too small that are slightly overcooked, for my taste. The exceptional flavor was liked by everyone.

Although at this point in the menu we were already quite satiated, but the wonderful snow peas sautéed with veal and finally, the two fish dishes: the prawns sauteed with tea and wonderful steamed turbot with vegetables. A great finish to the menu.

After the menu, it is time to enjoy the desserts. The tasting menu includes ice cream, fruit and a tiramisu cake. This is the weak point of the restaurant, since the desserts that it offers us, do not do justice, they are not up to the exceptional menu that we have just tasted.

In any case, it was so full and so satisfied with all the dishes we had tried, that I was delighted to leave the restaurant The Bund, one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants that we can find in the capital.

The Bund Restaurant

C / Arturo Baldasano 22 28033 Madrid Area Arturo Soria Reservation phone: 91 115 18 13 Tasting menu for groups of six 40 euros More information | Web The Bund

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