El Pekado restaurant, something more than good food in Valencia

A few weeks ago, I participated in a street photography workshop in Valencia. At noon, when the sun was setting and our strength was weakening, we decided to stop along the way and stop to eat. The place chosen was the El Pekado restaurant, run by a boy who had participated in a previous workshop.

The surprisingly large venue lives up to its name, and is decorated with bold hues, neon lights, and plenty of details that we might consider kitsch, but that give the whole a very special feel. At lunchtime the atmosphere was calm and relaxed, but the owner told us that there is more activity at night, with a show included.

Despite being Saturday, there was an assorted and inexpensive menu of the day available, which we all opted for and which will tell you what I was able to taste and photograph thanks to the patience of my workshop colleagues.

First, the offer was a caprese salad with a mix of lettuce, black fideuá from Gandía, a crepe filled with blood sausage and apple and tagliatelle a la amatriciana. Lover as I am from the fideuá and taking into account that I had never tasted it black, you can get an idea of ​​which was my choice.

The rest opted either for the fideuá, or for the goat cheese salad, which always triumphs, or for the pasta. It was a shame that no one ordered the crepe because it looked interesting.

Gandía's black fideuá was quite rich, although at first it could seem that its flavor would be similar to that of black rice, the texture that the noodle gave it completely changed the taste on the palate. Finished off by a king prawn, I really enjoyed the first course.

The girl across from me opted for tagliatelle a la amatriciana, a slightly spicy tomato sauce that seemed promising from across the table. However, against all odds, my palate was not overly excited by how little I stole from my partner, perhaps overshadowed by the taste of the fideúa.

On the other hand, when it came to choosing the second course, it was she who hit the mark with a salmon papillote with leek and carrot that was simply spectacular. The piece I tasted left its flavor for a long time lurking in my mouth, a flavor that made me regret my choice, which although it was rich, lacked a touch that made it special.

From the rest of the second-rate options, which included an aubergine stuffed with meat, a veal cheek in red wine and a vegetarian pizza, I chose the cheek, which was tender, juicy and tasty, but not enough for its flavor to last in the memory.

The pizza and the aubergine also looked delicious, especially the first one, which was devoured by two girls looking like they weren't making any sacrifices because they didn't leave a crumb on the plate.

To finish the job, and again among a wide range, almost all of us chose the mascarpone cake with chocolate crocanti, disdaining a coffee flan with orange sauce, a cinnamon ice cream and a chocolate mousse.

The truth is that I would have loved to try the other three desserts, but the mascarpone throws a lot, so I crossed my fingers not to regret my bet on such tasty cheese.

As expected, the cake did not disappoint. It had everything you can ask for in a cake: it was tasty, the texture was consistent and light at the same time, and it was topped by a large piece of chocolate, which the mascarpone feels like a glove, the perfect culmination for a rich Menu at El Pekado restaurant, which at night offers more than just good food in Valencia.

El Pekado Restaurant

Plaza Vicente Iborra 9 Valencia Tel. 963 924 139 Price: 8.5 euros for the lunch menu

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