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The idea of ​​visiting the Elkano restaurant had been around for months, so when she considered where to give us a good tribute during the holidays, I had no doubts. Located in the small town of Getaria, it is an institution of seafood cuisine, and since at home we never lack the desire to eat good fish, we set off with very high expectations.

In the middle of August, the dining room was full, tourists and non-tourists alike at the table in a spacious and classically decorated dining room. The service, in line with many Basque restaurants, with a large female presence, attentive and willing to advise and even comment on some curious aspects of the chosen dishes. The menu is essentially seafood, with a strong presence of fish and shellfish and two complimentary meat dishes. The list of fish present is rich in species: grouper, sea bream, turbot, hake or sole among others.

These are grilled on charcoal embers, located on the street next to the entrance to the restaurant, one of the best welcomes you can get in a fish restaurant.

After reviewing the menu and choosing our menu, a light but exquisite appetizer of grilled tuna with a vinaigrette just passed through the fire arrived at our table, simply an excellent way to start the meal. It was followed by a source of finely cut Joselito ham, and some fresh prawns (a dozen) in a perfect point of both salt and grill.

Second, we ordered grilled sea bream for two, excellent fish topped with a refried garlic and chilli pepper in the San Sebastian way. To the desserts, they explained to us that this was the first year in a long time that they could serve bream from the area, because for several years it had disappeared from the Cantabrian Sea and this year it has reappeared in the area. The third diner ordered a grilled hake, a thick slice accompanied by a vegetable fried in julienne.

We do not deprive ourselves of desserts, and these were a pleasant surprise according to the category of the place. My partner ordered a caramelized French toast with walnut sauce and cinnamon foam, and I had a liquid chocolate souffle with impeccably made banana ice cream, with a liquid and exquisite interior contained in a thin layer of sponge cake.

The pantxineta with coffee ice cream was more of an interpretation of the original recipe, presenting the pastry cream between sheets of puff pastry.

Excellent coffees with a generous layer of milk foam completed the meal, washed down with a 2009 José Pariente Verdejo wine. The final bill was 70 euros per person, high but in keeping with a fresh, exclusive and well served and prepared genre. Without a doubt, a meal to remember.

Elkano Restaurant

Fresh fish specialty
Herrerieta 2
943 14 00 24
20808 Getaria-Gipuzkoa

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