Enxebre restaurant, the new bet of the Parador de Monforte de Lemos


Some time ago I told you about the Don Pedro Restaurant, located in the Parador Nacional de Monforte de Lemos, Lugo. Unless we know, the restaurant has changed in the summer, maybe before, and now the Parador's new bet is the Enxebre Restaurant.

Taking advantage of the old facilities, we find a restaurant with a cheaper price, a little more casual and with a wide variety of dishes from the area type ration, to eat as a snack. The initial feeling is totally different from the previous experience.

I am not going to compare the old restaurant with this one, since the comparisons are obnoxious and also makes no sense. I will tell you about our experience in Enxebre as if it were the first time that we are in the place, which by the way you have to visit, since my town is the cradle and capital of the Ribeira Sacra, and it has much to see.

If you happen to make a stop, or pass briefly through Monforte in summer, take the opportunity to visit any of the nearby areas: viewpoints, catamaran routes, wine routes, wine museum, tastings ... For wine lovers, without a doubt a good experience that should at least be done once.

After making the appropriate turn in the San Vicente area, we were able to enjoy Enxebre, whose name made me intuit the type of dishes that are now served in the restaurant. We can taste from a traditional Galician broth, to ham, full Galician stew ... A very local cuisine.

As starters, we ordered the cooked ham with bell peppers. A very rich ham seasoned like Galician octopus with some good peppers that did not disappoint us. The other starter was served with vegetables, a sauté of seasonal vegetables and ham from celtic swine, indigenous pork, which turned out to be a delight.

The main dishes chosen were fish, on the one hand some squid with onions with Padrón peppers and a I blurt monkfish with prawns and vegetables. The dishes are abundant, a lot, and ordering two starters made it difficult for us to completely finish the main course.

To finish we ordered as dessert a homemade fruit salad and some pancakes filled with pastry cream with apple compote. You know what I like sweet, and both were very very tasty. A delight!

Enxebre Restaurant

Pl. Luis de Góngora y Argote, s / n 27400 Monforte de Lemos (Lugo) Tel. 982 418 484 Approximate price: from 25 euros

For us, the Enxebre Restaurant, the new bet of the Parador de Monforte de Lemos is a place to repeat. Its situation, the treatment of the staff, the food and the place, make the gastronomic experience a pleasure.

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