Es Ventall restaurant, in the Ibizan town of San Antonio

I would like you to see how different some places in Ibiza seem depending on the season of the year, especially the areas that are touristy. This is what happens with the Restaurane Es Ventall, in the Ibizan town of San Antonio, because the street where this establishment is located looks different in January than in the bustling month of August.

The kitchen of Es Ventall, which by the way means fan, blends typical Ibizan cuisine with signature dishes, achieving a surprising combination. And all this in a mostly traditional atmosphere, since the decoration of the place does not reveal that fusion of flavors to which it referred.

One of the things that I liked about this establishment was that the kitchen is open and that is why you can see how the dishes are prepared before serving them. I know that it is not a guarantee of anything, but it gives me confidence and security if I can see how the cooks handle themselves while they work, doesn't the same thing happen to you?

We were a table of twelve people and I don't know if that was what delayed the delivery of the dishes a bit, along with the fact that the establishment was quite full, I don't know if the same thing happens to you, but in the general opinion that The way I am in a restaurant is the delay in serving food.

As a starter for everyone we ordered some squid sautéed with garlic and parsley. Of all the dishes that we were served, this was the one I liked the least. I did not find our squid, the one that is caught on the island, with which the dish would surely have improved considerably. On the other hand, the Iberian ham croquettes (of which I don't have a photo) were delicious.

Most of us ordered a meat and seafood paella, except for two diners who opted for a wood-fired lamb shoulder with caramelized onions and sautéed vegetables and for beef entrecote with Ibizan potato, sautéed with fresh vegetables and mustard a la honey. I did not try the shoulder, but I did try the entrecote and I loved it, it was just cooked.

Regarding the paella, I will say that it is one of the best I have tasted and that when they showed it to us, before making the dishes, we did not think it was up to the standard of the restaurant, but we were wrong. The rice was neither raw nor soggy and the flavor was very successful. Recommended one hundred percent.

Despite the fact that we had already been more than satisfied with the wonderful paella, we couldn't resist ordering one of the appetizing desserts on the menu, we decided on a coulant of two chocolates with raspberry sorbet. It was correct, although I have to say that I would have preferred it only with dark chocolate, the combination of two chocolates did not convince me.

In short, the Es Ventall Restaurant in the Ibiza town of San Antonio is a recommended establishment, where you can enjoy traditional dishes with a touch of innovation, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Es Ventall Restaurant

Cervantes Street, 22
Sant Antoni de Portmany-Ibiza
Reservations phone 971 34 17 29
Price per person 35 euros

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