La Bodeguita de María restaurant, to pamper yourself in Valencia


Normally, when I go to eat with my father, he is usually the one who invites, but for reasons that are not relevant, this time I was going to invite myself, so I decided to go a little out of our usual budget and we went to the La Bodeguita restaurant de María, a perfect place to pamper yourself in Valencia.

Go ahead, it is not a particularly expensive site, just a little more than usual. Specifically, we ate a menu of 20 euros, a separate drink, which included two starters to share (with several interesting options) and a good list of main dishes.

We started the meal with a duck carpaccio with a Dijon mustard vinaigrette. Simple name, spectacular flavor. Delicate as the flowers that decorated the plate and tasty as only duck meat knows how to be. A gem, the best of the food and probably reason enough for a second visit in the future.

After the ecstasy of the duck, we enjoyed a puff pastry filled with ajoarriero on a peach and mango configuration. Go ahead, it was very good, with a very crunchy puff pastry and an excellent ajoarriero, but the feeling we had is that it would have been a more successful bite if it were several small pieces, and not two so large.

For the main course, we chose a creamy rice with octopus and baby beans, because the place smelled slightly of well-cooked rice. The pity is that it had to be ordered for two, and we were left without trying other interesting dishes that were on the menu, but it was worth it, because it was also up to par.

Finally the desserts arrived. My father ordered a really creamy and very rich tiramisu, which made me languish coulant with nougat ice cream, and it is difficult to compete against a chocolate cake filled with hot chocolate, so you have an idea.

In the end, with a couple of beers each, the bill came to a round 50 euros, a more than reasonable price for a meal with a modern twist in which the quality of the ingredients is noticeable with every bite.

Also highlight the pleasantness of the place, well decorated but without being pretentious, and the attention of the staff, which was exquisite without being pedantic, something that I personally appreciate very much.

La Bodeguita de María Restaurant

C / Chile, 4
Tel. 96 340 48 27
Price | 25 euros per person with menu

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