La Fonda restaurant, in the beautiful Basque town of Mundaka

According to a legend, a ship came to the coast of Mundaka from Scotland carrying a princess who had been exiled. The Scots who accompanied her called the place, in their Latin language, "Munda Aqua" because of how clean the water was there. This story would try to explain the presence of blond and blue-eyed inhabitants on this Biscayan coast.

Currently, this town is known worldwide for surfing. The wave of Mundaca is considered one of the best "lefts" in the world, with a length that can reach 400 meters, which attracts many surfers from the most remote places on the planet in autumn and winter.

Apart from legends and sports, Mundaka is also a beautiful and peaceful little town that we were lucky to visit this Easter. Fortunately for me, digital cameras don't have film, because I would have spent quite a few trying to catch every corner of this wonderful town.

We were so caught up in the landscape that we got lost and we were late to find a restaurant to eat in advance. The ones we found were closed or full, until finally, asking the neighbors what we were finding, we arrived at La Fonda Restaurant, in the old part of Mundaka.

To be honest, the first impression I got was not the best. The establishment is divided into two dining rooms, one simpler for the daily menu and the other for eating à la carte. We decided on the second option and they made us go to a room with a more ornate decoration and that must have seen better times.

The only diners who occupied this second dining room were us. I tend to distrust empty establishments and this was the feeling I had when I sat down at the table. There weren't many other options either. In the past I think the reason lies in the price of the menu, high, because the dishes we tasted were to our liking.

To "drive away ghosts", we started by ordering a bottle of Itsasmendi Txacolí, a wine that I have discovered on this trip to the Basque Country and with which I have fallen in love. I have planned a visit to all the wineries in Ibiza to see if I can find it. White wines are not usually my favorites, but I have changed my taste with them.

Maybe the wine helped, but when they started to bring us the first dishes I was already seeing the environment with different eyes. We decided to share the starters: some peas with ham, some grilled prawns, a plate of Iberian ham and some squid in its ink. For me, more than squid they were squid and perhaps it was the starter that I liked the least, not because of its flavor, which was delicious, but because of its texture, which was too soft.

Second, we all ordered grilled turbot. It must have been a huge turbot, because there were six of us at the table and we didn't eat it all. It was sliced ​​and delicious. As it did not have any type of garnish, we ordered a plate of chips, although I did not try them to be able to enjoy the fish.

I take this opportunity to make a comment, because at this point I have to explain that the turbot was not on the menu and we did not know how it was charged, if per portion or per piece, since the account presented by the owner, which was Who served us, was common to all dishes, without specifying the price per portion.

And, finally, we come to the sweet moment of food. As we had eaten a lot we decided to share the desserts. We chose two homemade, a caramel egg custard (huge) that was very good and a fried milk, more correct, but which we also gave a good account of.

In short, La Fonda Restaurant in Mundaka is a recommended establishment. It is a pity that they do not take a little more care of the details of the dining room and the general appearance of the whole restaurant. Another recommendation for those who are lucky enough to live in this town or visit it, is to ask the price of the dishes that are not on the menu if you go to this restaurant, so as not to be surprised.

La Fonda Restaurant

Plaza Olazabal s / n 48360 Mundaka (Bizkaia) Phone 94-687-65-43 Approximate price per person € 45

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