La Sopa Boba restaurant, the magic of creativity and flavor

I had been wanting to get closer to see Fernando Limón and Tere and enjoy their cuisine for so long that when I was last Tuesday in Alpedrete (Madrid) to eat at La Sopa Boba restaurant, they dazzled me with the magic of creativity and the flavor that they know how to translate into each plate.

The restaurant is itself an interesting place, since in its decoration, some characteristics of the imagination and creativity of its owners are already evident, who have embedded everyday objects in the floor, which provide a curious decoration. Everything serves as a preview of what awaits us, a long and delicious menu that for less than 35 euros leaves you satisfied and delighted. Imagination to the power.

To start with, they offered us two appetizers: some olive and anchovy chocolates, which had to be eaten carefully as the filling is liquid and explodes flooding your mouth; and then some warm crab tartlets with lyo cherry, very original and full of flavor.

After these starters, first creative surprise. With a modified coffee pot to be able to inject the smoked ones, they prepare a delicious cold smoked salmon, served with a sauce that is in the upper part of the coffee pot. Delicious, ingenious and simple.

We continue with the so-called Tuna Ham, served with Iberian fat to finish the trompe l'oeil, which is served with mango jellies and a sea lettuce leaf. A true must-have delicacy on a visit to Sopa Boba.

We continue with different preparations, all original and each richer: First, the smoked, original and appetizing sardines, with an unforgettable flavor. Then the kokotxas wrapped in ravioli de snouts, served with stew broth. Then the scallops wrapped in bacon, with sea branch and enoki mushrooms and finally the octopus, ginger, mayonnaise and seaweed tacoyaki with katsuobushi and chives.

There were still some delicacies missing, which I want to dwell on a little more. First the "Sauna" a preparation made with butterfish, cooking it in a "sauna" made with a cocotte filled with hot volcanic stones in which the fish is placed and bathed with the juice of three citrus fruits that give the fish an incredible flavor and texture.

Sauna butterfish is served on sea lettuce with corn puree and a little quinoa. Do not stop trying it.

To finish, tuna cheek lacquered in teriyaki served with a bone of veal marrow with salmon roe and wakame salad and cut stick gelatin. Original and peculiar, the tuna was just right as was the marrow, although this mixture did not convince me so much. We also tried some pieces of kangaroo tenderloin with foe and wine sauce, tender and tasty.

The desserts were still missing and we had already heard that they have an offer of more than 30 different desserts, all of them homemade and creative. On this occasion we take the chocolate pot (which must be watered with the watering can full of passion fruit juice, and the raspberry hot dog, very original with its mango and raspberry dressing that serve as ketchup and mustard.

To accompany the coffees, they gave us some yuzu and chocolate lollipops, a combination of citrus ice cream wrapped in chocolate like a bonbon, which finished off one of the best meals of recent times. A luxury of creativity and flavor that we could enjoy at La Sopa Boba for less than 35 euros per person.

The Boba Soup

Plaza de Guadarrama, 9. Alpedrete (Madrid)
Phone Reservations | 91 850 63 70
Average price: 30 euros
Web: La Sopa Boba

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