Señorío restaurant, the new temple of Iberian products in Seville

A few days ago I was in Seville, visiting the El Señorío restaurant, the new temple of Iberian products in Seville, belonging to the Señorío de Montanera group, an Extremadura company that is dedicated to the production of hams and other Iberian pork products. There I was able to verify that with a quality product and a good hand in the kitchen, success is assured.

Lately, it is no longer new for producers to diversify their business risk and invest in other lines of business, and the restaurants and bars in which they sell their product and act as advertising and marketing banners are a good example of this trend. . Thus, after the shop-bar on Calle Santa Engracia in Madrid and the second on Calle del Padre Damián in Madrid, those from Señorío de Montanera have opened a highly successful restaurant in Seville, very close to the Giralda.

The company

Señorío de Montanera is a meat company dedicated to the production of emblematic products such as Iberian ham, doblao loin, and other Iberian pork sausages. For this reason, at the entrance of the restaurant there is a small shop where you can buy by weight and freshly cut with a knife, all the products of the Extremadura firm.

Products from Señorío de Montanera

In a visit that I made a few months ago to the farm of this company in Extremadura, I was able to see how they elaborated their most emblematic product together with the Iberian ham, the loin doblao, a traditional product that they have recovered and that it is essential to order in a visit to this restaurant.

It is a loin cane that folds over itself and is embedded in a thicker skin, tying it so that this sausage is cured folded. This is how you get a tenderloin twice as thick and tender and juicy, even if it is well cured.

Unlike traditional tenderloin preparations that are covered with paprika, in the case of doblao tenderloin, it is only spread with a little butter, stuffed and hung until cured. It is a longer process than usual but you get a very tender meat that is very pleasant.

Antonio Yerga's kitchen at El Señorío Restaurant

This young chef from the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants such as Annua in Cantabria and Les Cols in Girona, has managed to get the most out of Señorío de Montanera's products at El Señorío Restaurant.

It should be noted that the prices of this restaurant are very affordable. An average meal with an aperitif, and a main dish accompanied by a drink costs less than 25 euros. You can also ask for a tasting menu like the one we are telling you about, which will not exceed 40-45 euros.

Appetizers and entrees

Double loin from Señorío de Montanera

As expected, in a restaurant set up by a company that produces Iberian hams and sausages, the appetizers and starters would be based on their products. The Iberian salchichón, the ham and obviously the loin doblao in butter that we talked about before stood out. However, an appetizer of sobrasada and honey mayonnaise was disappointing, which turned out to be somewhat bland.

Impressive semi-liquid croquettes, covered with Iberian jowls, in which bechamel includes an emulsion made with marrow, convinced me from the first moment that I was in front of a kitchen great with an undeniable future.

Main dishes

100% Iberian sirloin steak tartare and Iberian dry rice with Iberian prey

An Iberian pork tenderloin steak tartare, -perfectly seasoned- surprised us, since it is not usual to use this product to eat raw. Then came a great dry Iberian rice, without a doubt one of the best rice dishes I have tasted in Andalusia.

The plate of Iberian prey with roasted beet in textures was also very rich, a combination perhaps more seen, but excellent in any case since both the point of the meat and the earthy flavor of the beet fit perfectly.

The torreznos of Restaurante Señorío

Outside of the menu we tried, I was able to delight myself with a dish called "Piggy"Actually a version of the pork torreznos so delicious that they seem ethereal. This incredible texture, very crunchy when you bite but then melts in your mouth, is achieved by doing a slow cooking in a vacuum or sous vide of 12 hours at 75º and later a frying at high temperature, really unsurpassed.

In the dessert chapter, I tried a composition of orange, oil cake from Inés Rosales and orange blossom meringue, very light and refreshing, which put the final touch on the menu.

What to ask for

Detail of the texture of the croquettes with marinated dewlap and marrow
  • The best: The croquettes with marinated dewlap and marrow, absolutely essential, the dry Iberian rice and the loin doblao in butter
  • The worst: The sobrasada and honey mayonnaise appetizer, which was much softer and more bland than its name predicted.
  • A recommendation, try the guarrito, a version of torreznos that will pleasantly surprise you.

Data of interest

El Señorío Restaurant

Address: Calle Placentines, 9.
Hours: 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.
Reservations phone: 619 86 97 89.
Average price 25 euros

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