Bib Gourmand restaurants: the low cost version of the Michelin Star for all budgets

Is there an award that recognizes "triple B" restaurants -good, beautiful and cheap- with a high gastronomic level, but affordable? Yes, and they are the so-called "Bib Gourmand Restaurants": the low cost version of the Michelin Star for all budgets.

Keys to Bib Gourmand Restaurants

First and second courses of excellent quality, delicious desserts and even a drink for less than 35 euros. Those are the keys that the inspectors of the Michelin Guide look for to include in the essential list of Bib Gourmand Restaurants.

This recognition was born in 1957 - it is in its 20th edition - and curiously, it is not as widely distributed as the Michelin Stars, of inexcusable quality, but only for comfortable pockets. In Spain right now we have more than 200 "Bib Gourmand", which can be searched by geolocation.

The identifying symbol of these awards is the head of the Michelin mascot - called "Bibendum" - licking its lips. And if the level of their gastronomy drops from one year to the next, they may lose the category and the "Bibendum".

The Bib Gourmand are in many cases considered the prelude to a possible Michelin Star. For this reason, it is worth a visit to the "low cost haute cuisine" in each city ... You never know if we are enjoying a menu that would win Stars, for less than 40 euros.

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