Restore the Swing. Eat fun and eat well in Madrid

The offer of restaurants and places to eat in a casual way in the capital is very large and for that reason, I almost lack days to visit the ones I want to know to tell you my opinion. Today I want to talk about the Restobar el Swing where you can eat fun and eat well in Madrid.

When I found out that the Restobar el Columpio is run by the same people as Le Cocó, I already had a good guarantee letter because, as you will remember, my visit to this Madrid restaurant with such quality providing its services was very pleasant. The best thing was to repeat the experience and the good feelings in the visit to this other place in Madrid that I am going to tell you about without further ado.

The premises and its spaces

The El Columpio location has several differentiated areas, one at the entrance that is more rustic and full of charm, a central area that is brighter and with a peculiar distribution as they are made up of several different types of tables, with different chairs and different arrangements, which give A cozy informal look, very much in the vein of Le Cocó, great fun.

In the background, a terrace or chill out area with tables to share with a space that opens to the outside in spring. In between, lots of plants, cushions, and fun lighting with colorful accents that brighten the eyes of diners. In general, a lot of female public, also office personnel from the area and people around thirty years of age. A restaurant with a good atmosphere, which makes it also chosen by many as an afterwork place, where you can have a snack, have a beer or try their cocktails.

The menu

Chef Juan Rioja has prepared a very assorted menu of Mediterranean starters and dishes, with suggestions of appetizing dishes such as crunchy squid tentacles, house croquettes or scallops with their coral, prawn ravioli or suckling lamb sweetbreads , the mini hamburgers or many other ideas to repeat your visit varying the order and discover the delicacies that its menu offers.

This time I attended lunchtime accompanied by my wife, so we ordered some dishes to share and a main for each one. As in Le Cocó, we were greeted by the spectacular house butter with the rolls, which we tasted while the starters arrived. We chose the prawn and caramelized onion ravioli, very original and spectacular in flavor, and half a portion of lamb sweetbreads, a delicacy made in the most traditional style of home cooking.

It was impossible on the menu not to notice the verdinas with sausage and squid spaghetti, so we asked if we could ask for a portion to share. It was served on two plates (very sixties duralex dishes) and they were really delicious. Just for the plate of verdinas it is worth doing the excursion and visiting the restaurant, I assure you.

As main dishes my wife opted for the corvina with vegetables, exquisite in point and flavor and of a very good size. I was carried away by the recommendation of the steak tartare, dressed with ginger mayonnaise and piparras. You have to try it. I liked that they insisted on the point of spiciness that I liked to get it right and I asked for "more point", resulting in exactly the same way, a point of spice and a little more. They hit the spot.

Although we couldn't take it anymore, we had to try the homemade desserts, which we had already seen at the entrance where the homemade cakes are displayed. We ordered a lemon cream cake with red berries and we agreed to try El Columpio's homemade cake (just a little piece), a delicious cottage cheese or ricotta type cake, very nice.

In short, a delicious visit to an informal restaurant that we will certainly repeat, since we want to try a lot of dishes that we are wanting to try. In addition, with a price of around 25 euros per person, it makes new visits to such a pleasant restobar more likely.

Restoring The Swing

Caracas Street 10 (Madrid)
Average price 25 euros Tel reservations 918 27 60 77

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