Resveratrol, an investment in health


Dr. Juan Carlos Espín from the CSIC (superior center for scientific research), has been interviewed this morning at RNE in the program "Comer y Cantar" by María Torres due to his recent research work on Resveratrol. This molecule is attributed antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, ability to stop diseases, etc.

We already knew that wine, grapes, as well as walnuts, are a source of health, due among other things to a polyphenol that it contains in its composition, called Resveratrol. Dr. Juan Carlos Espín and his team have investigated this beneficial molecule for health, and have come to the conclusion that not all wine contains the same proportion of this molecule.

The discovery has been, we could say fortuitously, in reality this group of scientists tried to improve the general appearance of the grape, using ultraviolet lights, which led them to realize that not all grapes and therefore, not all wine contains a similar amount of resveratrol among its components. These scientists, after long research, have managed to enhance and maximize the presence of such an antioxidant and rejuvenating molecule.

And of course, the pharmaceutical sector has been interested in the product and, today, it is sold in capsulated format. So instead of drinking 40-odd bottles of wine, which apparently is the amount you have to ingest to assimilate a minimum of resveratrol, we take one capsule a day and that's it.

The Doctor warns that this, like almost everything else, is not a panacea, just a dietary supplement that, if we accompany it with good life and eating habits, we will notice that we are healthy. He tells us that in tests with dwarf pigs, the results are noticeable in a few months, in rodents in a few days. Doctor Juan Carlos Espín, at the end of the interview in RNE, was blunt in his conclusion. Either you take care of yourself and eat well, or nothing will save you from falling ill.

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