Rioja wine wants to completely change its image and will spend 11 million euros on its new campaign


"To know who you are". It is the new motto chosen by the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin to sell its brand in Spain and in the world. The campaign, which was presented this morning at the Royal Spanish Academy, will be, according to its creators, the first in history that bets on a slogan in Spanish, which will be repeated throughout the world.

Fernando Salamero, president of the denomination, has stated that the new slogan, "is a polysemic concept that defines the identity and origin of a region and the personality of those who choose us." According to Salamero, “every time someone toasts with Rioja they discover us, and they are faithful to a brand that is synonymous with mastery”.

The campaign is part of a large-scale attempt by the denomination to reposition itself in a sector where there are more and more competitors and part, in fact, of a strategic study prepared by the consulting firm Interbrand.

"Important decisions have been made, which will mark the years to come," says José Luis Lapuente, director of the DO (in the cover image). The new slogan is not only the title of an advertising campaign in which 11 million euros will be invested per year (3 of them in the Spanish market), it also represents a change of direction in the strategy of the brand, which wants to transfer the values ​​considered key to the product: authenticity, closeness, dedication, truth ...

Fernando Salamero, president of the denomination, and Daniel Martín Mayorga, manager of the RAE

The language is the message

Shackleton, the advertising agency in charge of the campaign, has worked intensively on it for eight months, until it came up with a claim that conveyed what they considered key concepts: essence, pride and significance. And for this, says the director of the agency, Pablo Alzugaray, there is nothing better than linking Rioja with the Spanish language itself, since it was in fact in La Rioja, in the Monastery of San Millán, where the first texts were written in our language.

Carlos Corres, author of the illustrations, has participated in the presentation.

The campaign posters, even if they are presented in English, German, Chinese or Russian, will always have the slogan "Know who you are" written in Spanish. And they will show illustrations by the painter Carlos Corres, made with the different grapes of the denomination of origin. As Lapuente explains, all international fairs and shows will be infected with this visual identity.

For the moment, the posters will be released in eleven countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and China - which are, in this order, the largest importers of wine - and also Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, Mexico, Russia, and , of course, Spain.

Pablo Alzugaray, director of Shackleton.

The slogan, explains Alzugaray, is intentionally open, so that everyone understands it as they see fit: “We can talk about the winery, the DO or the person, a person who knows who he is is a person who is not an object, he is not a victim. of fashions. He is a person who has character ”.

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