Mushroom, ham and rocket risotto with confit leek. Recipe


In autumn and winter I like to cook risotto, in summer I leave it for other types of rice dishes, but when the cold arrives I let myself be caressed by this sweet preparation. It admits surprising combinations and embraces the various ingredients with care and taste. This recipe for mushroom, ham and arugula risotto with confit leek has been the last we have eaten at home, surprising for the intense flavor of the leek that crowns the dish.

It is worth having a couple of packages of arborio or carnaroli rice at home as a pantry background, at any time it can get us out of a hurry when we do not know what to cook, because by using some of those ingredients that are never missing in the fridge, we can have in no time a luxurious dish for unexpected guests.

Ingredients for four people

150 gr. of mushrooms, a leek, 350 gr. of arborio rice, 200 gr. chopped Iberian ham, a handful of arugula, a liter of ham or poultry stock, a glass of white wine (100 ml.), a nut of butter, Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil.

How to Make Mushroom, Ham and Rocket Risotto with Confit Leek

We clean the leek removing the coarse parts, and cut it into one and a half centimeter slices. We prepare a saucepan with plenty of oil and heat it over high heat. When it is very hot, we introduce the chopped leek and lower the heat to a minimum, leaving it to confit for an hour. We heat the broth.

We clean the mushrooms and remove the stems (they can be used to make a cream). We prepare a casserole with a drizzle of oil, when it is hot we add the broken mushrooms with our hands and let them sauté for five minutes over high heat. Add the chopped ham, stir and leave on the fire until the ham is cooked.

Add the rice and mix well. We let it heat up for five minutes and add the white wine, until it is absorbed. We cover the rice with broth and we go around slowly. We will add the broth saucepan by saucepan as it is absorbed, without stopping stirring. The time is approximate, it depends on each rice and each fire, but within 20-25 minutes it should be done. You have to go testing to see that the grain is at its point.

At the end, we add the arugula, a knob of butter, grated Parmesan and mix. We serve a portion of risotto on the plate topped with confit leek and a little freshly grated cheese.

Processing time | 50 minutes
Difficulty | half


This mushroom, ham and arugula risotto with confit leek is a dish to cook and drink, as it does not allow rest, it is essential to have diners seated at the table and prepared. It can be served as a main course after a light starter. Ham and broth usually provide the necessary salt, so I have not included it in the recipe.

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