The Cecotec Mambo 8590 kitchen robot is very discounted in AliExpress: you have it for less than 210 euros and free shipping)


Maybe on your wish list for this Christmas is a kitchen robot or you have just been thinking about introducing this useful appliance among the essentials of your kitchen.

And it is that whether you are an experienced cook, or if you are not very good at preparing good dishes, these types of robots can be quite useful since they allow you to make all kinds of dishes without too much effort (or experiment if they include manual mode).

Before, talking about kitchen robots was thinking only of Thermomix, but over time, other brands have ventured to create them and with quite good results, one of them is the Spanish Cecotec, which succeeds with its Mambo robots at quite affordable prices.

Without going any further, today in AliExpress Plaza we find the Mambo 8590 much cheaper thanks to a discount coupon of 20 euros, so we can get this robot for only 209 euros with free shipping included.

This specific Mambo model is one of the most complete Cecotec models as it has up to 30 functions: chops, minces, blends, grinds, sautées, grinds, pulverizes, grates, reheats, whips, yogurt maker, mounts, emulsifies, mixes , cook, stir, steam cook, poach, confit, knead, cook at low temperature, boil, keep warm, ferment, SlowMambo, cook with precision grade by grade, cook in a bain-marie, slow cook, zero speed and feature Turbo.

Cecotec Mambo 8590 Multifunction Kitchen Robot. With 30 Functions, Integrated Scale, Stainless Steel Jug, Dishwasher Safe, Capacity 3.3 liters

Price in AliExpress € 209.00 Price in Amazon € 229.00 Price in Cecotec € 229.00

In addition to all these functions, it incorporates a weighing scale and brings a 3.3-liter stainless steel jug. The MamboMix spoon for kneading and a boiling basket to be able to prepare up to 4 preparations at the same time.

To benefit from the coupon, all you have to do is select the option below the sale price: get coupons and accept the terms, it will be applied automatically at the end of your order.

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