The best selling low cost kitchen robot on Amazon is this Cecotec, it is very low today (and it comes with two cooking jugs)


Cooking is an art but there are those who either find it too complicated or prefer to resort to all possible help, especially when it comes to preparing dishes for the whole week (and for the whole family).

For this reason, small appliances such as kitchen machines can be a great ally that each day that passes they become more popular and in demand. Gone are the days when these were limited for everyone due to their high price, today we can find quite affordable options among the best sellers.

This is the case of the Mambo 9090 robot from Cecotec that we find among Amazon's offers of the day with a quite interesting discount, considering that it comes with two jugs, one made of ceramic and one made of stainless steel for 299,248.99 euros.

This robot promises to perform up to 30 functions: chop, mince, crush, grind, pulverize, grate, beat, mount, emulsify, mix, cook, stir, steam cook, poach, candied, knead, boil, keep warm, ferment, slowmambo , cooks with grade-by-grade precision, cooks in a bain-marie and has a turbo function, among others. Allowing to carry out up to 4 elaborations at the same time.

Cecotec Mambo 9090 Multifunction Kitchen Robot. Havana Jug with Ceramic Coating, 30 Functions, Built-in Scale, 3.3 Liter Stainless Steel Jug Dishwasher Safe

Price on Amazon € 248.99 Price on Cecotec € 249.00 Price on Media Markt € 339.00

It also has a digital display to make everything more intuitive and an intelligent heating power system that controls the temperature in 10 levels to avoid culinary disasters.

Shipping on Amazon is free as long as your order reaches the minimum amount of 29 euros or you are subscribed to Prime (you can try it free for a month)

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