Roscón de Reyes for celiacs. Of your palate


Our friend María Laura sends us, within our De tu Paladar section, where our readers send us their recipes, this Rosca or Roscón de Reyes for celiacs.

María Laura tells us that to make this dessert she had the help of her two little ones, Santiago and Victoria. Excellent María Luisa: a very good way to spend a pleasant time with the family and for the little ones to learn to cook, without a doubt.


300 gr. gluten-free flour, 50 gr. of powdered milk, 200 gr. of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt and 25 gr. dry yeast.

These ingredients are mixed in a bowl. Then the following are added:

125 cl. warm milk, 2 whole eggs, 130 gr. butter to the point of pomade, vanilla essence and almond essence

And finally 3 egg whites are added, beaten to the point of snow, with a little sugar.

Everything is poured into the Savarin mold, although our friend María Laura used a paper one this time. On top you can add some chocolate chips if you wish. Moderate oven 35 minutes approximately.

And finally the pastry cream to fill:

Beat 3 yolks with 100 gr. of sugar, 4 teaspoons of cornstarch, and 500 cc. milk. Everything is brought to a moderate heat, stirring without stopping.

When the cream is consistent, remove from heat and add vanilla essence.

Enjoy your meal! and thank you Maria Laura.

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