Rosita Blue from Hotel Arts

I had never seen it before and that is why I think it is good to share with you this initiative of the Hotel Arts de Barcelona. It is about the exclusive creation of a beer. Yes, it can only be consumed in this hotel. The beer also has a very original name Rosita Blue.

In this case, the creators of the beer have been Paco Pérez (Chef of the Hotel with 1 Michelin star), and the sommeliers David Expósito of the Hotel Arts and Toni Gata of the Miramar de Llançà together and the master brewers of La Rosita, Nathalie Lavenu and Jordi Soberà.

Yes. Rosita is a craft beer factory in Tarragona. The artisanal manufacturing method gives this beer, according to the tasting note, "honey color with fine and elegant carbonic, with a certain density in the glass, white foam with ivory tones, creamy and constant, with good persistence".

In addition, as a star ingredient of the beer, it has a citrus touch of Kafir lime. Which gives it, surely, a very interesting touch. The thing is, I love the file with almost anything. Because it gives very elegant and soft touches, avoiding the aggressiveness of lemon.

The only negative is that it is too far to go to try it and also the price is somewhat high (for those who are not used to it). Rosita blue beer costs 7 euros.

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