Sausages in wine: quick and easy recipe (to dip a lot of bread)

One of the tastiest ways to cook sausages is with this wine sausage recipe. It is very simple and quick to make and requires only a handful of inexpensive and easy-to-find ingredients, but the result is take bread and dip. When the sausages are cooked in wine they absorb all their aromas and flavor and are juicy and spectacular.

The quantity of onion is indicative and can be adapted to suit each person's taste. In my family, specifically my children, they are not very fond of it, so I end up scraping it off their plates since they opt for eating only the sausages in wine. Of course, the sauce that no one takes away that is delicious. Let there be no lack of good bread!


For 4 units
  • Onion 100 g
  • pork sausages 4
  • White wine 100 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil 15 ml
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper

How to make sausages in wine

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 45 m
  • Elaboration 5m
  • Cooking 40 m

Peel the onion and cut it into julienne strips. Heat a little extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan and cook it over very low heat for about 10 minutes. If we do it with the lid on, the onion will sweat faster due to the effect of steam and will be very juicy. Season with salt and pepper to taste, but with caution as the wine and sausages will add a lot of flavor to the dish.

Once the onion is poached, add the wine and raise the heat. We let the alcohol evaporate for a minute or two before adding the sausages. We turn them to brown on all sides, lower the heat and cook, with the pan covered, for about 25-30 minutes before removing and serving.

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