The best recipes for sauces and garnishes for Christmas

At this point in December many of us have already decided on the Christmas menu, either because we more or less prepare the same dishes every year or because we have already opted for one or other recipes. For those of you who still do not have anything clear or have any doubts when it comes to accompanying your fantastic Christmas recipes, I have prepared this compilation with the best sauces and garnishes for Christmas.

Recipes that may be more obvious and that we immediately imagine if we think of garnishes such as salads or potatoes, but also different but delicious accompaniments, such as pasta or rice. In this way, we will be able to present dishes at the table during these Holidays that any five-fork restaurant would envy.

Salad recipes for Christmas

I start with the lightest part to accompany our dishes and surely the first part that we all think about when we want to decide with what to accompany some of our recipes. In this case, I have selected several salads, some more special such as the duck ham and mozarella salad, the salad with sweet potato chips or the delicious autumn salad of escarole with honey vinaigrette, but I also find these salads with season's fruit:

  • Persimmon and pomegranate salad. Recipe
  • Mixed lettuce salad with pomegranate and parsley vinaigrette. Recipe
  • Fig, goat cheese and walnut salad with molasses vinaigrette. Recipe

Rice recipes for Christmas

Another option to take into account are rice dishes, they complete any recipe that we present on the table. Of course, we must think of it as a garnish, so we will serve a very small portion that we can plate, for example, with a kitchen ring to decorate. I have selected spiced rice as they are the ones I like the most and they have a different touch, which is what we are looking for these days, and also two great proposals, a risotto with mushrooms and capers and a light rice with delicious pineapple to accompany fish.

  • Moorish rice with chicken and peppers with Moroccan spices. Recipe
  • Sauteed rice with harissa recipe
  • Rice garnish with soy. Recipe
  • Moroccan style rice recipe

Potato recipes for Christmas

Potatoes are the stars in our house along with salads and are probably the most consumed since they are an inexpensive product that can be made in a thousand ways, all of them very tasty. If we don't want to add extra calories, the option to bake the potatoes is always the right choice, so don't forget to try the recipe for baked "fried" potatoes or roasted potatoes with spices, both of which are fantastic and one of my favorite recipes.

If we prefer to present the tuber in the form of a puree, we can opt for this creamy mashed potatoes and turnip, but if we prefer to cook something different, I leave you these three recipes for carbonara potatoes, a garnish of spicy potatoes with harissa and how to prepare Noisette potatoes, that you are going to love.

Pasta recipes for Christmas

And of course, you cannot miss pasta either, yes, as with rice dishes, we will serve it in small proportions, understanding that it is a mere accompaniment, which goes especially with meats. This time I also select various recipes in which nuts are present in season such as these spaghetti with dried fruits, or these fettuccine with red walnut pesto and parmesan. But you must not stop preparing this creamy pasta gratin with pumpkin that goes off the screen. The other pasta recipes for Christmas that have seduced me are these:

  • Fettuccine alle vongole recipe
  • Spaghetti with vodka sauce. Recipe
  • Orecchiette a la pugliese. Recipe

Sauces recipes for Christmas

Although I have saved the sauces until last, I almost consider them to be the most important, since it is impossible for me to conceive a good meat or fish dish without a sauce to accompany it regardless of the garnish. Also depending on what ingredients we use we can get really exquisite and authentic luxury sauces like these that I propose:

  • Intense onion sauce recipe
  • Quick and easy honey mustard sauce recipe
  • Tamarillo sauce. Peruvian recipe
  • Wine Jelly. Recipe
  • Salted caramel sauce recipe

I hope you have enjoyed the selection of recipes for sauces and garnishes for Christmas that I have prepared for you. In Directo al Paladar we have presented you some more compilations and there are still some more that you can see in the coming days. We hope that they excite you but above all that they help you when preparing your Christmas menus.

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