Valentine's Day. Some history


The Greeks, who had a particularly joyful vision of love and life, considered that there was no life better committed than that devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. They took a good example from their gods, who showed a weakness for the pleasures of the flesh.

Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, was known as Aphrodite Porné, or prostitute Aphrodite, because she was a friend of illicit love, there were no moralistic norms for her, the end was pleasure, the means a simple procedure.

Aphrodite and Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, held all kinds of orgiastic parties, of which the Greek people took an example. On the other hand, the Greeks had the wisdom of the Hetairas, the priestesses and prostitutes of the temple, who had a prosperous trade in potions, elixirs and ointments, created by them on purpose, to promote carnal love.

Numerous erotic Greek manuscripts recommend the use of foods such as onion, carrots, pineapple, honey ... to promote the body and spirit for the loving arts, and others such as snails, crabs, prawns and the rest of the seafood that, being fruits of the sea, cradle of Venus, the goddess of love for the Roman people.

The Romans, however, were much less subtle. While the Greeks enjoyed the beautiful pleasures of life in peace and harmony, with elegance, with moderation ... the Romans mounted circuses where the enjoyment consisted of seeing the blood of slaves spilled on the sand. They enjoyed the death of others, to such an extent that around the circus they built numerous brothels, brothels, to ignite the anxieties of those who were excited by the fight and the death of their slaves.

These Romans had as aphrodisiac foods other very different from the Greeks, their fetishes were the testicles of different animals, raw meats and other barbarities.

The Romans exceeded their bacchanalia, as well as their potions that killed a lot of people, due to their poor preparation. So much so that the church arrived and proclaimed any action related to carnal pleasure forbidden as sinful, except that stipulated by themselves for the sole purpose of procreation, always under their supervision, of course.

And so began in the Middle Ages the boyhood of witches and celestines, all of them clandestine, who to give pomp and importance to their potions, adorned them with macabre touches such as toad hearts, hanged meat stewed in human skulls and things like that.

Well and following the example of the Greek people, on Valentine's night, we will enjoy a balanced dinner, without great eccentricities, or toad heads or anything like that.

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