Watermelon with mint and lemon

We already have watermelons on the market and we can already start enjoying all kinds of gastronomic preparations with this refreshing and rich fruit. Watermelon with mint and lemon is an ideal dessert after a hearty meal, it will help you to carry out digestion better.

The ingredients

The preparation First of all, you will have to put the glasses that you are going to use for this dessert for a couple of hours in the freezer, since it is preferable to serve it very fresh, you must also put the watermelon in the refrigerator the day before. Cut the watermelon into triangular pieces, removing the peel and all the possible nuggets, deposit these pieces on a work surface. Mix in a mortar, the sugar with the previously chopped mint and a drizzle of lemon juice.

Sprinkle the watermelon triangles with this mixture and fill the cups with them. If you finally have a little bit of sugar left over, sprinkle a little of it on each glass and decorate the center of the glass with a mint leaf. Now you just have to put the glasses in the fridge and take them out when serving.

Tasting Simple, easy and very rich. Take advantage!

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