Grilled watermelon with hot chocolate. Recipe

The kitchen, like everything in life, must be given a little sparkle to prevent it from becoming something monotonous and boring. An example of this is this recipe for grilled watermelon with hot chocolate. It is not just watermelon, nor is it just a chocolate dessert, it is a way to spark a delicious summer fruit.

A simple but comforting dessert or snack for the senses. Perfect for entertaining a makeshift visit or for a snack of small people.

The ingredients

1 watermelon (leftover), a tub of Nestlé dessert chocolate fondue (I don't think it's over), a few fresh mint leaves, a few pinches of freshly ground pepper (optional).

The preparation

We heat the pot as the manufacturer indicates. We cut the watermelon in an aesthetic way, into rather thick pieces to avoid breaking them when passing it on the plate. We heat the iron and iron, round and round the fruit. We place, sprinkle with hot chocolate, season with a touch of pepper and decorate with a few mint leaves.

Processing time | 10 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


To make this grilled watermelon recipe with hot chocolate, it is convenient that the watermelon is on point. If it is too ripe it will not be so rich. With what we have left of watermelon, we can chop it into tacos and put it to small people so they can dip it in chocolate, with the help of some sticks. As you can see it costs little to spark anything, you just have to do it.

Enjoy your meal!

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