Health removes hundreds of tons of Serrano ham that was sold in supermarkets in a state of putrefaction


The Spanish health authorities have immobilized more than one hundred tons of meat products, mostly hams, stored inside two warehouses of a company in Alzira (Valencia) that lacked health authorization and was marketing sausage in an obvious state of deterioration and lack of sanitary guarantees.

As Victoria Salinas has reported for Lift EMV, it is believed that the company was dedicated to "recycling" moldy hams, infested with mites, unwrapped and covered in rodent feces that were sliced ​​and repackaged with new expiration dates and without the deteriorated parts.

According to the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (Aecosan), given the illegality of the company's activities, it is not easy to determine the origin and destination of the immobilized products, but 490.6 tons of various meat products have been cautiously withdrawn (hams, chorizo, salami, salami ...) in various establishments and companies in this Community, including the Kupps and Family Cash distribution chains. In the latter, according to Levante EMV, you could buy the product in bad condition for 4.99 euros per kilo.

The commercialized brands whose products are being withdrawn from the market correspond to: Alto de Aitana Bodega Ham, Sierra Gorda Bodega Ham, Aire de Mariola, Serranía de Ameta, El Galán, Croval Ham, Don Enrique and Oro la Ermita. Aecosan recommends consumers to refrain from consuming these brands.

A plot originating in Extremadura

After the first inspection, another team carefully intervened all the merchandise stored in the facilities of the same company in Bocairent (Valencia), also lacking registration, and in which it is estimated that there were 15,000 hams and 160 cardboard boxes containing their instead of 140 to 180 pieces of ham and cured shoulder.

According to the Extremaduran newspaper Today, the identification of these products has been possible thanks to an operation of the Badajoz Prosecutor's Office that was opened in May 2017 after a sanitary inspection will remove 277 tons of products from the market that remained stored in a warehouse located in Malpartida de Plasencia (Cáceres ), in two warehouses in Higuera la Real (Badajoz) and in a company in Oliva de la Frontera.

Archive image of a previous intervention.

After several raids, the technicians ordered the destruction of almost 100,000 kilos of meat stored in the facilities of the Porkytrans company in Malpartida de Plasencia and another 177,000 kilos of product that the plot had placed in other companies in Oliva de la Frontera and Higuera la Real : Cash La Temporada, Pescados Saraymar and Valle de los Valfríos.

The actions promoted during the last months continue in the investigation phase and will not end until the investigation is concluded. For now, clarifies the Prosecutor's Office, it is not expected that new operations will be carried out in the near future.

Images | iStock / FamilyCash / Guardia Civil
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