Zucchini pan with cheese and ham. Light dinnertime recipe with just three ingredients

Today I bring you a recipe that should be included in the compilation that we made recently with our best recipes with zucchini. If you have a good mandolin or if you are fairly skilled with the knife, it will not take you long to make this zucchini pan with cheese and ham, ideal as a light recipe for dinner. It is so easy to prepare and it is so rich that you will surely make it more than one night, when you do not feel like complicating your life.

It is an alternative to oven-baked gratins, which my sister usually uses when she doesn't feel like turning on the oven and wants to make a recipe with a creamy touch. For this pan to be perfect, the ideal is that the zucchini slices are very thin, so that they form a kind of crispy base. With cheese, thyme and ham, success is guaranteed.


For people
  • Zucchini 1
  • cheese 100 g
  • Serrano ham, very minced 50 g
  • Fresh thyme to taste

How to make a zucchini pan with cheese and ham

Difficulty: medium
  • Total time 15 m
  • Elaboration 5m
  • Cooking 10 m

With the help of the mandolin, or failing that with a very sharp knife, we cut slices of zucchini with their skin.For this recipe, it is preferable to use small zucchini and our pan will be more attractive.

In a frying pan, place the zucchini covering the bottom and cook them on the grill. Normally, you will have to do it in several batches. When the zucchini are browned on both sides, we put them back so that they cover the bottom of the pan and cover them with plenty of grated cheese.

You can use the cheese that you like or mix different varieties. Cheddar, mozzarella or emmental are very good, but you can make this dish with your favorites. We let the cheese begin to melt in the heat. To speed up the process, you can put a saucepan lid on the pan.

We also add the very chopped ham and some leaves of fresh thyme or any other aromatic herb that you have at home. It is not necessary to use salt because the ham and cheese already provide enough flavor, but once the recipe is finished, you can try and rectify in your case. Serve very hot so that the threads of cheese make our eyes (and our palates) happy.

What to accompany the zucchini pan with ham and cheese recipe

The zucchini pan with ham and cheese is a very satisfying dish and is very popular with children and adults. You can use it as a single dish at dinner or as a starter or first at noon. A French omelette or grilled chicken fillet can be a perfect garnish.

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