Tamara Falcó's secret to win MasterChef without ever having cooked: "I make you a better spherification than an omelette"


When we learned that Tamara Falcó was going to participate in MasterChef Celebrity, we did not give a penny for her. Was the most posh woman on the face of the earth going to be able to roll up her sleeves and start cooking?

In this time, we have discovered a character very different from the one we imagined, who has managed to win a reality like Masterchef without screaming or shedding a tear, without histrionics, but with sympathy. Even so, we still do not understand how he managed to present such a menu in the final.

Luckily, we are about to talk to her on the phone because she was excited that a gastronomy outlet asked her for an interview and she will answer all our questions. The twists and turns of life.

Looking for information about the MasterChef contestants, when they announced the casting, we found that you only knew how to make salads. It is true? Haven't you touched a frying pan in your life?

This I am afraid is true. It's also nothing to be proud of, but it's been nice to see the evolution. People have gotten enough. It is true that in the first episode I forgot to peel the asparagus and, well, the truth is that it has been complicated. When I signed the contract, two weeks before, I went to the Casino restaurant, Nerea and Paco Roncero accepted me at their house and I started going, but, of course, it was not enough to assimilate all the avant-garde techniques, and everything that was happening in the kitchen. And not only that, it is that it did not have a classical base, which is fundamental.

Besides what you learned during the programs, how have you prepared for the contest? Because what you did in the final is not achieved overnight ...

I really thought that it was going to be much easier, that they gave us ready-made dishes, practically, or that they helped us and suddenly I saw that they didn't. Miguel Ángel Muñoz came in the first program and said that he had learned to cook through effort and work and I said "well, me too."

"Here in Madrid I have been in Dstage, Santceloni, EL Celler, El Casino, which I have already mentioned, I was also in El Celler, in Enjoy ..."

Have you received classes?

All the hours that I was not recording were spent learning about cooking. It has helped me a lot that I had a registry, a kind of visual and mental encyclopedia of flavors, because my father is from the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and he has always emphasized taking us to good restaurants, in pairing, because he is dedicated to wine , and that has been part of my education. But I had never gotten behind in the technical part. When I saw the level I went to a website called Superprof, I found my cooking teacher, who very funny came with two gadgets and said "well, how many months do we have before you start". "No, no, I'm already here, it had to be the day before yesterday." We start with something as basic as cutting an onion. We got busy. In addition to that, on weekends my father meets many sommeliers and I have been calling many restaurants to visit them. Here in Madrid I have been in Dstage, Santceloni, El Casino, which I have already mentioned, I was also in El Celler, in Enjoying… All these restaurants have contributed a lot to me.

Come on, that in addition to cooking you have eaten

Yes, I have eaten, too, because tasting things is very important, as you well know.

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