Six ways to organize your kitchen knives (to take care of them and have them always at hand)


To cook well, we should start by reviewing the knives we have at home. They are the basic and fundamental tool of any chef and the success of many preparations depends on their quality. Although sets can be a good first step, I recommend investing in each knife out of the box.

Then another question arises, how to store them? Kitchen knives cannot be stumbling around drawers or on top anyway; In addition to being potentially dangerous, they can be damaged and lost. I propose several different ways to organize your knives at home, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Piece of wood

It is perhaps the most traditional knife storage system that is still present in many kitchens. You can buy empty with different sizes, formats and cavities so that we can fill them to our liking, as they easily adapt to all types of sheets.

Ideally, they should be strong, beautiful and durable, not too bulky so they don't become a hindrance. You just have to keep in mind that they offer limited space and we will not always be able to fit all our blades, in the case that we have many different knives at home.

This model from Tescoma is small and simple, with room for five knives and scissors, while this model from Wüsthof offers a capacity for 16 units of different sizes and thicknesses, it is elegant and made of beech wood. Cheaper is this other from Zeller, for 17.61 euros, with bamboo lining and space for eight knives, scissors and a sharpener.

Magnetic rod or holder

The metal bars attached to the wall or appliances are very fashionable and are a great solution to have knives always at hand without taking up almost space. Obviously you have to make sure that the support is well attached and is of quality, we do not want the knives to fall or cause accidents.

The simplest models have a simple metal bar, like this one from Coninx that has good valuations and is on sale at 18.95 euros. Lacor offers another design with a metallic strip in black or gray, with two different measures, and also includes the necessary material to fix it to the wall. If we prefer a wood finish, we have this other model for 11.22 euros in its measurement of 15.25 cm.

Universal rubber block

More modern than complete blocks of wood, the advantage of these storage systems is that they do not have fixed grooves and therefore are much more versatile to adapt to our needs. There are also them with a wooden body, like this one from Interhome, although most are metallic or resistant plastic, more modern.

Cylindrical, in black or white, the Silberthal stand is very elegant, with a stainless steel base and removable bristles for cleaning. This other one is completely metallic and instead of bristles it has a rubberized interior; If we prefer to have the blades visible, we can opt for a very light, transparent detachable model, with capacity for up to 15 knives.

Knife for drawer

Doesn't that convince you to have the knives in sight? There are also good systems to organize them and take care of the sheets inside drawers. They are simple designs, like this example from Continenta, in wood and with parallel grooves, at a price of 21.25 euros, although there are also larger ones as a complete drawer, like this other of different sizes with a rubber interior that protect the leaves.

The alternative to wood we have it with a steel organizer; simple but effective, it has slots for 15 knives and has an adhesive strip to fix it to the inside of any drawer. It is currently on sale at 9 euros.

Magnetic block

For the undecided or for those who do not want to pierce the wall - or for those who are afraid that their hanging knives will fall, like me - magnetic plugs present a practical and very attractive solution, without being too bulky.

The Coninx brand has a standard model now lowered to 29 euros, in bamboo wood and a compact design that we can move around the countertop without problem. Very similar is this one from Navaris, slightly larger but with the same depth of 12 cm, at 25.90 euros. In front of the wood we can opt for the Richardson Sheffield stainless steel block, in a very elegant black finish.

Knife holder case

Finally we have the knife cases or bags, an accessory that most professional chefs do not separate from. It is advisable to get a bag of specific quality for knives or it could break with the edge and cause an accident. They are practical to store at home and have them on hand to carry, something very useful on vacation.

Arcos has a hard-shell case with space for 17 pieces, knives and other accessories, for 45.29 euros. Lighter and more compact is the padded bag from Messermeister, a renowned brand, and in a roll-up blanket format we have this model from Zwilling. Another good option is the Wüsthof briefcase bag, with a practical opening and closing system, as well as interior pockets for better organization.

How do you organize the knives in the kitchen? Are you convinced by any of these systems?

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