French Gastronomy Week in Madrid


Last Wednesday the program for the first French Gastronomy Week was presented in Madrid, an event that joins the Fête de la Gastronomie, the French Gastronomy Festival. Thus, from September 26 to October 5, different activities will take place in the Spanish capital around the gastronomic culture of the neighboring country.

There is no doubt the importance that France has had and has in the development and evolution of what we understand today by gastronomy, not in vain has it been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity. Aware of its cultural, social and economic value, France celebrates these days the fourth edition of what is already a plural and international festival around its gastronomy.

The motto chosen this year, The love of gestures and know-how, aims to reflect on everything that surrounds the act of cooking, with special emphasis on what defines French gastronomy from tradition and the artisan trade, to haute cuisine. It is about appreciating everything that surrounds the kitchen and all those involved.

For the first time, Spain joins this festival with the celebration of different actions around French cuisine and its culture. In the presentation, Rafael Ansón wanted to highlight the debt that world cuisine and Spanish in particular have with the French heritage, and also insisted on the need for Spain and France to collaborate more closely to create an axis that orders the new trends towards the future of the kitchen.

In the program of this inaugural edition, activities such as gastronomic workshops, exhibitions, competitions, film cycles and different menus and dishes have been prepared for the event by some restaurants with a French connotation in Madrid. All this with the intention of covering all types of audiences, including children, young people and the elderly, with activities that aim to reinforce encounters between generations.

It is a good opportunity to look back at French cuisine, the cradle of gastronomy but which, despite its prestige, seems to have remained somewhat in the dark in recent years. On the official website you will find the entire program and the opportunity to participate in a contest that raffles a culinary trip to the French city of Toulouse.

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