Would you be able to prepare garlic crickets for dinner? I Gastronomic Day of insects


I read in the press that yesterday the First Gastronomic Day of Insects took place at the University of Alicante and I can't help but wonder if I would be able to cook one of those bugs. If just looking for a photo to illustrate this entry has given me chills (I am one of those who sees a grasshopper and runs away) I do not want to think what it would be like to have to roast them in a pan.

In the days of yesterday several conferences and tasting of some dishes with such special ingredients were held, all to praise the nutrients they contain and their infinite benefits to feed the world. Apples with worms, chocolate coca and ants or cricket bonbons are some of the "delicatessen" that were served.

The cultural element comes in, of course. It is curious to see how being born in one place or another on the planet imposes gastronomic tastes and conditions our habits, but despite the fact that this food is not found among those we usually cook, apparently it is an interesting topic because yesterday's Conference was quite a success and sure there will be more editions in the future.

As Eduardo Galante, researcher at the Ibero-American Center for Biodiversity (CIBIO) and organizer of the conference explained: "Insects have a very great potential since this group of animals together with arthropods, such as spiders or crustaceans, represent more than 75% of the planet's biodiversity and there are more than a million species ". We will have to wait for the next Insect Gastronomic Days to find out if there has been any progress in our society.

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