Sharky, a little boat to make tea


Aesthetically it is beautiful and impressive. A little boat that navigates innocently through clean waters with a precious cargo of tea inside. As its short journey unfolds, the load gradually releases its essence, giving us an infusion while we contemplate the show. Unfortunately, real boats do not usually filter beneficial substances and the grin turns gloomy at the memory of some recent accidents.

Although it is not actually a boat, but a shark fin, hence its name: Sharky. A simple but powerful idea that turns the action of preparing an infusion into a small show. Just a metal filter to which a shark fin-shaped lid (or a boat sail, depending on how you look at it) is attached, has earned Pablo Matteoda, its designer, to win the third prize in the Beyond Silver design contest from the Designboom blog.

Surely more than one of you liked it (I love having it) but look for it in stores, at the moment it is only a prototype and is not for sale.

Via | Bon Appétit
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