Snake Cake, a terribly realistic cake


Francesca Pitcher, an English businesswoman who runs a local pastry business in Kent, Great Britain, has no idea that a visit to the zoo and her daughter's subsequent birthday would bring her such fame, and that her North Star Cakes shop would be known internationally. And it is that while other little ones ask for birthday cakes of Hello Kitty or Disney princesses, this six-year-old girl wanted a cake in the shape of a snake, specifically a Burmese python and of course, what better way than to ask her mother for it That is what a pastry is for.

For this, the mother, with a confessable terror of these reptiles, dedicated herself to looking at images of snakes on the internet until she found what was going to be her model for the preparation of the cake. The cake consists of six sponge cakes with Madagascar vanilla and jam, filled with butter cream, which the pastry chef was carving and sculpting until she got this realistic and seductive snake, one of the most lethal, although not poisonous, specimens of the world.

The skin was achieved by covering the cake with white chocolate fondant which he colored and modeled until obtaining that tone and texture of the surface. After more than twelve hours of work, when this pastry chef posted her photos on her personal Facebook page, she could not imagine the repercussion that the cake would have, and that in a few days her visits would multiply, and orders for her terrifying Snake Cake would begin to rain on her.

The truth is that it is difficult to distinguish at first glance if the photos are made of a real copy or a cake and the sweet python is so perfectly achieved that the parents of the children invited to the party were terrified. Of course, once the first impression was over, the pastry chef said that there were fights between them to see who was going to eat their heads.

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