Are you more than buying classic lettuce or do you prefer packaged mixes? the question of the week


The warmth arrives and with it our good intentions of eating healthier and lighter, changing the spoon dishes for varied salads and more fresh vegetables. But today I am not here to propose any recipe of this type, but I would like your opinion, in our section of The question of the week and now that we are determined to eat more "green":

Are you more than buying classic lettuce or do you prefer packaged mixes?

It's been a few years since bags of lettuce varieties have broken into our supermarkets. With an ever-widening offer, it seems that they have relegated our beloved romaine, iceberg or oak leaf lettuces that often languish on the shelves due to the large number of bagged varieties.

So today we want to know your opinion, if you prefer the convenience of these packaged vegetables despite being slightly more expensive or if you still opt for salads as usual, with more classic varieties that we have to wash and prepare ourselves.

For this, we ask you to leave your answers in the section of Direct to the Paladar Answers and not in the comments of this post so that all readers can benefit from your opinions.

Do you think that Top Chef or Master Chef type programs benefit gastronomy? Last week's question

Last week I asked you about your opinion regarding the positive or negative repercussion that television programs about cooking have on gastronomy.Many have been the responses, usually saying that they do not benefit her.

Others believe that they are positive, because more and more people are considering studying gastronomy, and even amateurs who, after watching and following these programs, dare to experiment in the kitchen with new techniques and ingredients. Finally, the comment most valued by you, the readers, has been that of Arguinalo, which says the following:

I don't think they benefit gastronomy at all, in the same way that Big Brother does not benefit society, in case both make it a little worse. A reality show is and will be a television product where they will sell you free kink. Do you want something that does benefit? Go out to eat, taste, cook at home, learn from others and spread what you know. The best cuisine is the one you enjoy doing and / or eating.

And with this I summon you within seven days where I will ask you a new question of the week, but I await your opinions about today's question in Directo al Paladar Answers.

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Directly to the Palate Answers | Are you more than buying the classic lettuce or do you prefer the packaged mixes?

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