Solid cava by the Roca brothers


Textures are in fashion, it is something that we all have very clear. Needless to say, all the reasons we have for thinking this. In addition, they are increasingly available to all of us, not only in chemical powders to be able to experiment at home, but also with finished products such as Solid, chewy cava.

The invention belongs to Joan and Jordi Roca together with their sommelier and winemaker Agustí Torello. None of them need an introduction. Surely following Adrià's speech in which “chefs and scientists must learn to speak” this initiative arises. They have also counted on the collaboration of the Alicia Foundation for the technological development of the initiative.

The secret lies in Xanthan gum, a texturizer that gives consistency to liquids, converting them into solids without having to stir them. When the cava is manufactured, the gum is added and in a matter of 4 or 6 months it has acquired the right consistency.

The cava thus obtained is a solid cava but it retains all the flavor and carbon of the liquid cava. They have released, on April 23, two versions, in white and pink. A bottle of 37 centiliters has a price of 14.50 euros and we can use it for both sweet and savory. Also, once opened, it lasts up to 15 days cold.

It looks very good and we can also surprise more than one guest at the table.

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