Sputnik, beer tasting with vodka


Although they are still few, there are more and more restaurants with a beer menu, which is good news for lovers of such a delicious drink. The other day they offered me an extensive menu from the Zaragoza brewery Ambar, and for the aperitif I chose Sputnik, a beer with vodka that caught my attention.

It is a one-third bottle, with a very attractive design. The glass, instead of being transparent or colored, is like acid treated, so that it is only semi-transparent. Silkscreened on it is a label that mimics the style of early 20th century Russian Constructivist posters, with distinctive typography and a striking combination of red and black.

Its name also reminds us of Russia - rather of the Soviet Union - since it refers to the first artificial satellite launched into space in 1957. But let's stop with historical and aesthetic references and go to what matters: what the bottle contains.

Sputnik beer tasting

Once poured into the glass, its vivid golden color is surprising - brighter than it appears in the photo - as well as its little foam. It is not that it was lowered when taking the snapshot, but actually the foam did not even completely cover its surface.

This lack of foam probably has a lot to do with its low gasification, little present and very fine bubbles. I would say that it is a vodka thing, but looking closely at the ingredients, we only find vodka as an aroma along with other citrus aromas.

It is precisely this citrus aroma that has the most presence on the nose, and later in the mouth, where it is a very light beer, with little body and perhaps too sweet and citrus. The aroma of vodka is present, although it must be sought after among the intense fruit notes. Bitterness I do not mention, because it is hardly present.

If you were to look for a similar beer with which to establish analogies, you would probably find them with other light beers such as Desperados (which does not have Tequila either, but only its aroma) or Coronita, that is, to refresh yourself thanks to its fruity flavor and light step by mouth, and little else. As if that were not enough, its high alcohol content, 5.9% Vol. Goes completely unnoticed due to its excessive sweetness.

Sputnik, beer flavored with vodka

5.9% vol.
Rating: 5

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