Stop Sucre, traditional and diabetic pastry


We have known a place that will be very interesting for people with diabetes and for those who want to eat a sugar-free diet, but without giving up the pleasure of enjoying a delicious pastry, it is Stop Sucre.

Stop Sucre could be considered a normal pastry that adorns our table-tops and conquers our palate, but one particularity makes it stand out, in addition to traditional and artisan pastry, they offer a wide variety of pastry preparations that do not contain sugar, but with the same taste and appearance than conventional pastry. Despite the fact that their preparations do not contain sucrose, glucose, or fructose, the cakes are still sweet, this result has been achieved thanks to the experience of the Stop Sucre pastry chef. Isidro Puigbó i Oliu's career has been very intense, numerous studies in France have given him the necessary accreditation to work as a pastry teacher at the prestigious Escola de Restauració i Hostelatge de Barcelona. Then he decided to establish himself on his own by opening a classic pastry shop, after several years of hard work and experimentation where he began providing his clientele with simple preparations, roscones, lionesses ..., all without light conventional sugar, ended up offering a wide variety of select quality products free of sugar, but maintaining the essence that characterizes pastry.

On the Stop Sucre website you can access all its preparations, cakes, cakes, mousses, etc. It also has services to provide its products to the catering sector and home services.

One of the main interests of this pastry chef is to know the preferences and needs of consumers, whether individuals or professionals, in order to provide the right products. They also want to provide all the information on their new website so that it is a useful place, with data on what consumers need, for example, for diabetics it will be important to know the compositions of the products for sale, they will also want to know what sweeteners are use, and it is also important to inform them well so that they do not fall into the false illusion that because they do not have sugar they can already eat the amount they want.

So they have created a survey, which you can access from here, to find out the interests of each one and thus, after a study of the user profile, they will provide the information and products we need.

The sugar-free pastry shop, Stop Sucre is located at Calle Murcia 32-40 in Barcelona, ​​if you go there you can enjoy select artisan products without thinking about the sugar content that many people may worry about.

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