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Those of you who follow me know about my passion for pastry, so if one of the icons when it comes to sweets such as the French confectionery in Ladurée publishes a work with its most emblematic recipes, Sucré de Ladurée, well I knew it had what to do with him yes or yes. And so it was, the Magi were generous and I already have this "little gem" in my hands.

And I say "little gem" because the first impression when you see the binding is that you are in front of a famous box macarons that they make in Ladurée. The book comes in a box wrapped in tissue paper and bound in aqua green velvet. The edges of the leaves are gilded as if they were lined with gold leaf, as is the typography that illustrates the cover.

The interior has the classic recipes that have been made in the patisserie since 1872, when Ladurée was born as a cake workshop, and it is now its pastry chef Philippe Andrieu who shows us his creations in this work.

In the book you will not find novel desserts, but great classics of French pastry classified by families. Eleven chapters that begin after a brief introduction where they tell us about Ladurée's origins since it was born as a humble bakery back in the 19th century.

And if Ladurée is famous all over the world for something, it is for her macarons And this is how your first chapter begins with these French sweets, explaining their techniques in detail, but in a simple and easily understandable way. Here they offer us the four recipes of their best-selling varieties, although I doubt that they will tell us all their secrets regarding the preparation of these meringues.

It continues with another section of small cakes, such as savarines, petisús, Paris-Brest, and several more than those that we usually find in their windows. It continues with a section on ice cream and fruits, and a delicious chapter on cakes and other pastries.

It continues with creams, pastries, pastries and desserts for tea time, drinks and a useful section of basic preparations in pastry, recipes that are used in several of their preparations as "wardrobe bottom" and that also serve us to have at hand when making other sweets at home.

In a small square format, it consists of almost 400 pages where one side is the recipe correctly explained and the other a photograph of the cake with beautiful decorations. Altogether I find it a delicious book that invites us to remember and dream about sweets if we have been lucky enough to visit one of their patisseries on a trip to Paris, although too delicate to be among creams, flour and butter in our "earthly kitchen" .

Sucré de Ladurée

Editorial | Blume Author | Philippe Andrieu Language | Spanish ISBN | 978 84 15 317 45 6 Price | 29 euros

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