Do you usually read food labels? the question of the week


June will be six months after the entry into force of the new EU regulations on food labeling. It is assumed that now the consumer is more informed and can know all the information of a product with clear data that does not give rise to confusion. In today's question for the week I would like to know our habits when making purchases, do we usually read the labeling?

According to a recent study carried out by Consumolab, most consumers do read the labels when they make the purchase, although it depends on the product and the circumstances of each one.Not everyone looks at the same data, there are those who are interested in nutritional information, others look for allergens, etc. And you? Do you look at the labeling when buying?

Do you usually read food labels?

Also tell us what information you are most interested in when reading the labels, although I think it is usual to pay more attention to the nutritional information if you have health problems or are on a diet. As every week, we encourage you to participate by leaving your opinion in the section of Direct to the Paladar Answers, and not in the comments of this post.

What is your favorite sweet or saints product? Last week's question

Seven days ago we celebrated San Isidro and the bakeries of Madrid were flooded with donuts of the saint in all its varieties. That is why I asked you about your favorite sweet of saints, since we have many delicious examples in our country. The most valued answer has been that of Ferne, who is clear about his favorites:

San expedito bones, first because it is light and soft on the palate and second because I am devoted to the saint.

Without further ado, I encourage you again to leave your participation in our Direct to the Paladar Answers section, and I wait for you next Friday with the last question of the week this month.

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Directly to the Palate Answers | Do you usually read food labels?

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