Celtic tavern. Drink and snack to the walker in Salamanca


Another of the gambling dens that have fallen in love with me on my walk through Salamanca has been this Celtic Tavern that I now present to you. As you can see, it is a beautiful place for its emotional content. Because of his ingrained character. For its solidarity tint. For a long time, I lived in Galicia and, when I entered this tavern, I perfectly remembered my time in those lands. His smell. It's taste. Its essence.

The decoration prints of its people. The mines. Your culture. Their homes. His arts. Cider, of course and gastronomically speaking you can already see, empanadas for all tastes, cabrales in abundance, scallops, cheeses, seafood.

The Celtic tavern is a regular visit for those who venture to make the Camino de Santiago, on their way through Salamanca. Its prices, its hospitality, its atmosphere are enough to satisfy the appetites of the tired, often exhausted, walkers who approach the place longing for a break and a load of energy to continue on their way.

Noelia, its manager, is a young, dynamic woman, with a beautiful smile in her eyes that transmits the flavor of refuge, a cider house after the hard day, a plate of food. Observing the walls of the Tavern full of immensely human faces, while savoring a delicious Xoubiñas empanada, I see myself immersed in that world with the smell of grass, with cows everywhere, with the rain wetting my face. I immerse myself in green lands inhabited by harsh people full of tenderness. Pure Galicia.

If you travel to Salamanca I recommend you visit this Celtic Tavern.You can taste the gastronomy of this unique Galician town. His cider. If you are lucky, you may be able to talk with a walker and immerse yourself, listening to his story, on that path so intense in experiences and so revealing that some travel while, at nightfall, they recharge their serones in this tavern full of human sensations.

Celtic Tavern
C / Peña Primera, 3
923 271 014

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