Table for one, a photographic reflection on eating alone


Eating alone outside the home can elicit many reactions. If we are rather shy and we care what they will say, we will surely have a hard time and try to finish the meal as soon as possible while we return the looks with a gesture of resignation.

If, on the other hand, we don't give a damn about the matter and we feel comfortable savoring in silence and solitude, we will probably see those moments as a relief to the day, a reunion with ourselves, or a good opportunity to review the press or fantasize about others diners and their circumstances. Everyone has fun as they can ...

It is not uncommon to see tables occupied by a single customer in fast food or menu del dia establishments, what is usually more rare is that this happens in a restaurant with a considerable price, where the food is made to be enjoyed for a long time. Table for one is a page that reflects on this in a graphic and silent way, only through the photographs taken of the lonely gourmets.

In some of them, they look for the company of a newspaper, a telephone, or something to write with; but in most of the images, people appear absorbed in their own thoughts. Some are worth analyzing, like the old man who finishes his meal with a coffee without having yet removed the remaining cutlery.Or the two gentlemen who practically eat together at a very short distance but each at his table and his world.

And you readers, how do you manage eating alone outside the home? Do you like it? Does it bother you? To open the fire I will tell you that I only do it out of necessity, with medium speed and with something to entertain myself, but I always enjoy the moment.

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