Beef tagine with carrots and Ras El Hanout. Recipe


The tajine is a typical clay casserole of the Maghreb cuisine, its conical shape makes food cook in a different way and is able to keep warm for a long time inside it. Today's recipe for beef tajine with carrots and Ras El Hanout will transport you with its spicy flavor to those far away places and will flood your kitchen with exotic aromas. Also, if you want to learn how to prepare your tajine for cooking, do not miss these instructions from our colleague Pakus, and thus be able to get the most out of this casserole.

But as you can see in my photos, the tajine recipe that I propose today in my case is cooked in a cocotte made of iron, and as there can always be incidents in the kitchen, when I went to prepare it I realized that my clay pot had a crack. Even so, whether it is cooked in one type of pot or another, I did not want you to miss it, since in both cases it comes out very tasty.

Ingredients for four people

  • 1.2 kg of black pudding or veal shank, 2 red onions, 10 carrots, 2 tablespoons of Ras El Hanout, 5 tablespoons of olive oil, 800 ml of meat broth, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.

How to make beef tagine with carrots and Ras El Hanout

We will start by cutting our meat into small cubes and julienne the red onions. We peel the carrots and cut them into sticks. In the clay pot we put the oil to heat and fry the pieces of meat, once browned we remove them for a plate and continue cooking the onions.

Once they begin to be transparent, we add the Ras El Hanout and let them cook for a few more minutes. Add the meat, the broth, the salt and the pepper and cover the casserole, letting it cook for two hours over low heat. When time passes, add the carrots and continue cooking for another half hour. Serve piping hot sprinkled with fresh parsley.

Processing time | 3 hours Difficulty | Easy


This tagine of beef with carrots and Ras El Hanout is a dish to make with time and patience, ideal to prepare on a Sunday morning and to be able to enjoy spicy and tasty cuisine at noon. Accompanied by a little cooked rice or cous cous it is delicious.

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