Chocolate cake

This weekend will be my birthday and since it is a tradition at home since I was little, we will celebrate it with the typical cake that my mother makes.

My friends have been coming for years to try the cake, nothing to be with me. Sometimes for whatever reason they have not been able to be there and the next day they have had the "nose" to go for a piece, so I assure you that it is successful.

Ingredients: Chocolate to the cup, 2 sachets of Custard, condensed milk, cookies type Maria, 2 coffee machines, 2 liters of milk, anise. preparation: First we will leave the two coffee machines ready, for those who are not used to caffeinated, they can prepare it decaffeinated.

We will also leave the condensed milk prepared in a bain-marie, for which we will put the pot in a pot with water and let it boil for more than an hour.

Next we prepare 2 sachets of custard in 1 liter of milk. We take a plate that serves to present the cake and we begin to prepare it.

We will be taking cookies and soaking them in the coffee. They are placed in the source, forming the first layer. After this we put on top of each of these cookies with the help of a spoon a stick of custard. We repeat the same operation of the cookies, forming a new layer to which we will add custard again. We repeat the operation and this time instead of custard we will add the condensed milk to a bain-marie. We cover again with another layer of cookies dipped in coffee.

Now we go to water the cake with anise. Watch out! I help myself with a spoon instead of directly from the bottle.

We will continue with a new layer of cookies and custard. We repeat the operation and add the condensed milk to the next layer of cookies.

After this we put the last layer of cookies and water it again with anise. Now we proceed to cover with chocolate, it has to be very thick for the cake to finish taking shape. You let it cool in the fridge for a couple of hours and ready to drink.

I will try it on Sunday! And you?

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