Apple and honey tart: easy, fast and uncomplicated recipe

We love the idea of ​​being able to make fruit tarts simply, quickly and without major complications. It is with this idea in mind that we get down to work and prepare this apple and honey tart to which we have given a more fruity touch by adding a little raspberry jam.

In an ideal world it would be more convenient (and much tastier) to make our own dough, but we live in a busy world and we don't always have time to get down to it. Luckily, there are magnificent options of puff pastry on the market that solve the ballot and allow us to make the apple and honey cake easily, quickly and without complications.


For 4 people
  • Rectangular sheet puff pastry 1
  • Apple 2
  • Strawberry or raspberry jam 50 g
  • Honey 30 g
  • Sugar 15 g

How to make apple tart and honey

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 35 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • Cooking 25 m

We spread the dough and cut it into two rectangles about 20 cm long. We place them on a greased baking sheet or covered with non-stick paper. We peel the apples and cut them into thin segments about 3 millimeters thick.

We spread the jam evenly over each rectangle of dough and arrange the apple wedges on top of the jam. Pour the honey over the apples and sprinkle with the sugar. Finally we place in a hot oven at 200ºC for approximately 25 to 30 minutes.

With what to accompany the apple and honey cake

We recommend enjoying this delicious apple and honey tart with vanilla ice cream or freshly brewed coffee. You can also accompany it with a glass of very cold sparkling white or dry white wine.

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