Tartas, by Sarah Banbery

I tend to browse looking for cookbooks anywhere I can, and sometimes I find some simple, cheap and little publicized ones that hide the most tasty and useful recipes. This is the case of Tartas, by Sarah Banbery, a very manageable book with full-page illustrations in which we can find a good list of savory and sweet cakes.

The introduction reflects on the cakes that I share in their entirety. He talks about the infinite preparation possibilities, the combinations of ingredients and doughs, which, depending on the availability and the imagination of the cook, result in an endless deck of culinary options.

The book is divided into four sections: individual tartlets, savory tarts, fruit tarts, and sweet temptations. Each recipe occupies two pages, one is dedicated exclusively to the image and in the other we see the detailed recipe, a list of ingredients differentiated in bold and images of the preparation. Very easy and pleasant to follow.

As for the recipes, I would not know which one to stay with, it makes me want to go out to the market and return home with a truck full of flour, vegetables, vegetables, fruits ... To open your mouth we have a sample of the delicacies that they offer us: artichokes and bacon; feta and spinach; potato, fontina and rosemary; apple and toffee; white chocolate with cardamom ... Fancy it?

Tartas, by Sarah Banbery is an interesting book that provides a good list of recipes so as not to fall into culinary boredom, with the possibility of making good use of leftovers, and presenting traditional ingredients in a different and delicious format.

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Title: Tartas Author: Sarah Banbery Publisher: Parragón ISBN: I-40545-248-X

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