Veal tataki with spiced basmati, a fat-free recipe

I already told you when I visited Meat Atraction, the Fair on the meat industry and gastronomy, that there are very interesting new cuts of beef on the market. The other day, when I approached the opening of the Raza Nostra butcher-museum in the Chamartín Market, I took advantage of the visit to buy one of these new cuts with which we are going to prepare a beef tataki with spiced basmati, a recipe fat-free to make your family happy.

As we cook the ingots of this meat with good fat infiltration on a very hot griddle, we do not need to use oil and the meat is perfectly cooked. For the garnish, a basmati rice cooked in white with some spices. It will surprise you.


For 2 persons
  • Veal in an ingot or taco 300 g
  • Basmati rice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Tomato jelly
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Salt of black olives
  • Onion or aromatic sprouts to decorate

How to make beef tataki and spiced basmati

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 10 m
  • Cooking 10 m
  • Repose 5m

We mark the beef prey ingots on the preheated grill. We gild the outer face well on all four sides, leaving 2 minutes on each. Meanwhile we are preparing the basmati rice.

We cook the rice in salted water and some cardamom berries. When it is ready, drain well and sprinkle with various spices and peppers. We also season the meat once it is ready.

Fillet the veal prey ingots with a sharp knife. We stack the fillets of the beef tataki and arrange them in a platter. We decorate with a cord of tomato jam, some aromatic herb buds and some olive salt crystals.

With what to accompany the tataki of veal and spicy basmati

In the very title of the recipe for beef tataki and spiced basmati you can see the main garnish that it has. We have also added some varied lettuce leaves and some homemade pickled onion strips, which give the touch of contrast to the tomato jam cord that is in the center.

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